“Push-It” Workout

by laury on April 26, 2012 · 23 comments

Hi, kids!

Okay, so raw garbanzo beans aside {funniest part was that Mike HATES chick peas} I have a new workout for you as promised. This one isn’t quite as crazy as some of my past workouts, but it’s effective nonetheless.

I actually have some live action videos featuring ME for you today! I know, a real treat, eh? I think this is my very first video[s] on the blog…ever?

This workout starts out with a “Tabata style” warm-up. 8 rounds of 20 second all-out intensity with 10 seconds rest between. Then you proceed to the workout part. Change  your interval timer to 12 rounds of 50 second intervals with 10 seconds rest. I did a quick triceps workout after this and stretched for a good bit! Always check with a medical professional to make sure you are cleared for physical activity before trying any new workout.

PushItWorkout copy



Scissor Jump Rope

Mountain Climbers

Jumping Jacks

Shadow Boxing {or use a bag if available}

Okay, now for the videos….I warn you I’m a complete mess. I slept on my wet hair the night before. It’s not cute. I obviously don’t care though- otherwise I would not post videos of myself on the internet in this condition.

I taped these after my actual workout {so this was like my 4th set of each, hence the sound effects and the struggling}. Oh, and I am very serious. For some reason I take myself very seriously in videos. Like when I did ballet, tap and jazz and my mom would film my rehearsals and I was the kid mouthing every count, while the others were off looking everywhere, going the wrong direction, bumping into one another. I thought I was trying out for the Pennsylvania Ballet when I was 7.

Anyway…since it’s my first time posting videos…be gentle. Sorry about the bad angle on a few of them. I learned a few things I will do differently for next time! Once I get the hang of it can bring you some awesome workouts! Some different things (not just HIIT stuff!)

Burpee/Jump & Knee Slap:

Keep your shoulders back, navel pulled in, squat down to the floor, kick your feet back, perform one push-up, pop your feet back to your hands, pop up into a wide knee jump while tapping your knees. Repeat. {Zuzka inspired move!}


^Sorry about the angle here.

One Legged Balance Tap & Press

Slightly similar to a one legged deadlift. Keep your shoulders back, navel pulled into your spine, back flat and start to bring the kettlebell to tap the floor, slight bend in the knee so you feel a stretch in your hamstrings and glutes, but bent so you can balance to the floor. Rise up and press the kettlebell overhead maintaining proper form. Do not use your low back to lift!


Jackknife Push-Up:

Place hands under your shoulders and the tops of your feet/shins on he balance ball. Keep a straight line from the top of your head to your feet, navel pulled into your spine, then bring your knees in (keeping them up, do not rely on the ball or allow your knees to sink down). Once your legs are straight come down into a decline push-up. I did 2 jackknives for every 1 push-up.

I finished this 16 minute workout off with practicing some handstands (form may not look perfect but I only did one take with the self timer and I just got up!)


These are SO much fun! I tried it for the first time in yoga last week and got right up! I look forward to working on it and progressing from there!

And a few triceps exercises:

-overhead rope extension

-dips with legs raised on ball

-single arm cable press-down

3 sets of each

I stretched thoroughly afterwards for 10 minutes along with some foam rolling.

Hope you enjoy[ed] the workout!


Here’s a few interesting reads:

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