Lara Bar Theif

by laury on April 28, 2010 · 0 comments

 Hi, we’re too tired to blog tonight but we’ll leave you with some randomness….

😉 2 more days to tell me WHY you read!! So I can bring it.

^ his brother was kidnapped today….

searching everywhere, for a snack….to find out later a tall, dark and handsome man snagged it on me.

It’s OK….I had to have some of these instead:

Food shopping is desperately needed round’ here. We’re out of brown rice wraps…..that’s BAD news!

Almond Milk is being straining now….thank goodness!

Idol is on…and we’re gonna go watch

Tomorrow….my HAWT move of the week! Ab & Upper Body Killa! Check back =)

Go Lee & Crysatl!!!!
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