Badass Chicks and Daybeds

by laury on January 8, 2013 · 16 comments

Good morning! I have a little quit time before my little sleep devil wakes up!

I added an egg to my grain-free breakfast porridge this morning. Also didn’t add any coconut oil (nor bananas because I was out) and an extra Tablespoon of hemp hearts. Oh and a little stevia to taste since there were no bananas. It tasted the same but there was some added benefit of more protein! All you do with the egg is whish it in and continue to whisk for a minute or two. You’d never know it was in there!

Grain Free Porridge

Here was the workout I did today:

Badass Chick HIIT Workout

Burpee Bosu push-ups—just hold the bosu ball upside down and perform your push-up on it. Then when you jump up and land follow it by pressing the bosu overhead for an overhead press.

High plank to dolphin plank press looks like this without the elbow taps (you can add them if you’d like though Winking smile )

Perform this workout at a nice pace with good form! No to minimal rest between for three sets total. Badass.

the rest of the moves you can google or as your trainer to show you. Make sure you are keen on the form before you persorm any movements! Check with the appropriate healthcare provider before trying new exercises and always rest and seek out a doctor if you are injured!

As I said in my last post…Ella has not slept in here in well….I can’t remember the last time. She used to nap in her crib and start in her crib them weasel her way into our bed. Now, she refuses to go near the crib.


I don’t even have the energy to go into it all but we tried everything. She hyperventilates and screams for hours no matter how long we check on her or how long I sit in there with her. One night I sat in the chair and she lied in her crib, so exhausted, staring at me. Every time she’s close her eyes I would wait 20 minutes to leave and I made one movement and the eyes opened and the process of screaming and staring would start again. It got to the point where I was spending 4-5 hours, no exaggeration, of my night in her room. We gave up and she would sleep on one of us now on the couch until we went to bed. What do you do when you have no downtime though? Bad bad bad.


Despite all of this and how tired she is she’s still such an awesome baby. Er, toddler. So well behaved and sweet—despite the sleep issues. Which I blame us for, for not being persistent earlier. You can’t live in the past though. Shoulda, woulda, coulda. Sometimes it works out with no sleep training—other times you may end up in our situation! We actually both loved having her in our bed. Nothing like waking up with that little girl! I think I always rationalized that as she got older we could tell her it’s time for a “big girl bed” –or just wait until we moved. Which unfortunately isn’t going to happen until I find more work. So we have to try and tackle it now! Mainly because it has started to effect how much sleep she gets! It never did before, until the holidays when Mike was home. That’s when she decided she didn’t want to miss anything!

She’s even been sitting in on my bedroom yoga sessions and coming to assist with in-home personal training to try and tire her out  Winking smile

persona trainer ellayogiella

Anyway, originally our Pediatrician said no toddler bed yet—but now that she’s climbing out he said we have to because obviously her safety is priority. That’s why we threw sleep training out the window last week because well, no way we risk her getting hurt.

Ella’s crib does four things, one of them being a daybed:



She has French doors in her room so we need to figure out a creative way to block her in, that’s also safe and accessible quickly for us. There’s also a few other safety things we need to do to make sure her room of in her room when for she gets out of bed. Not looking forward to it. Last night I tried lying there with her, her sound sleeper on high, reading books and nursing– and halfway through for no reason she got upset and insisted on getting out, running to Michael and hiding from me. Her normal is to be with us at this point when she sleeps. Accidental attachment parenting as I like to call it!

Poor thing. Love her to pieces.

The weez is ACTUALLY asleep right now! Not in her room, but in ours. I’m off to enjoy the tiny bit of downtime we have! Until next time…


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