3 Day Juice Detox

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Hey Friends! Long time no talk. I’ve missed you all.

There are lots of exciting things to discuss. One of them being that I embarked on my very first ever juice detox. My sister in law approached me asking about doing one, and I’ve been kind of interested in trying one for a while now. I have several friends that do them a few times a year, and to be honest I always thought they were a little crazy. However, after doing some research and talking to more people I decided to not knock it until I tried it. Maybe it was time to give the ole digestive system a little rest. More on that in a minute….

3 Day Juice Fast

In other news I have been doing so much yoga lately. I taught my first class and did really well! I even was able to switch up the flow to add in a bunch of fun things like push ups, planks and mountain climbers. I never thought I would love teaching even more than when I practice myself. I’ve been a fitness trainer for so long (11 years!), and it’s such a rewarding job but this just took that to a whole new (amazing) level! I’m teaching another free community class on Sunday morning and I can’t wait! I kind of loved teaching at night though and turning the lights out right around pigeon pose. Great calming energy.

Okay on to the juice cleanse.

Juice Cleanse The Fitness Dish

Why do it?

This was meant to be a little rest and relaxation for my digestive system. This was NOT a weight loss thing at all for me. I know better than that. In fact, if I do/did lose anything I’m sure it will come right back on. Although I don’t even feel like I did (and I’m not weighing myself). Not worried about that aspect at all and it is actually the reason I was able to try it. If I was doing it for the wrong reasons for me then it wouldn’t have been the right thing for me.

The raw fruits and veggies that make up the juices take little effort to digest and the energy your body takes to digest those foods is directed elsewhere., Basically by removing the fiber in those veggies you are giving your body a change to spend less energy on digestion (did you know that 70% your energy everyday is spent on digestion alone!?) This is supposed to improve mental clarity, boost energy and your mood. There are certain yoga workshops that do these types of detoxes to improve your practice and for the other reasons I listed. In fact as part of my teacher training one of the books I am reading highly recommends a fast.

(edit to add- I meant to say that your liver is pretty good at detoxing on its own, but the theory is that in our current toxic environment, even our health food isn’t as healthy as it should be–sometimes our bodies may need a little extra “push”–that’s the theory, not sure if I’m 100% sold but was worth a try to see how it feels!)

So, no food at all??

Basically I fasted for 24 hours each day. I did 6 juices a day (5 juice and 1 cashew milk) and ate a light clean dinner. The no eating anything for 3 days thing is not for me. I also drank tons of water during the day (started by day with room temp lemon water), and herbal tea with honey at night.


How much did it cost?

I did a lot of research on places that offer juice detoxing and the cheapest I found was $108. for a 3 day detox, drinking six 16 ounce juices per day. This cost my sister and law and I about $45. per person including the jars (I bought 2 boxes of jars, one 32 ounce mason jar box and one 16 ounce mason jar box)! I was SHOCKED! I was prepared to spend $75. or more. EVERYTHING was organic too! That table wasn’t even all of it I took that photo before everything was prepped!


A very special thanks and apology to my mother in law who let us destroy her kitchen. If you knew my MIL and how she is with her kitchen, you would know what I big deal this was. She was so awesome though and really helped get us organized and kept track of the recipes for me. The pulp catcher wasn’t attached right in my first batch and we didn’t notice it until after it sprayed pulp into the corner of her counter all over her knives and kitchen scale. Whoops!


All in all it took about 3 hours to prep and juice everything. To say Ella was being impatient is an understatement. I don’t blamer her though! I can now see why people charge as much as they do for these things! This is manual labor! My juicer overheated right before our last batch so we put the base in the refrigerator for about 10-15 minutes and got it working again.

Let me backup now and tell you about the prep you need to do the day before. First off, eat clean the week of your cleanse…if you eat a bunch of crap you’re going to feel awful! So take that tip with yah!


The day before I started soaking my cashews for my cashew milk. Doing some healthy fats at night as my last drink seemed like an awesome plan. I noticed some places doing this like Catalyse so I went with it!

For 3 days for one person soak 1 1/2 cups of cashews overnight. The next day blend it with 4 pitted Medjool dates (also soaks if not soft); 1/4 teaspoon of cinnamon and a pinch of sea salt in 4 cups of filtered water. No need for a nut milk bag or to strain it, it’s good to go!


So delicious.


A tip on keeping the juice fresh:

Mainly when you juice you are supposed to drink it immediately to get the most benefit out of it. Well when doing a cleanse it’s a pain in the ass and more convenient to do it ahead so here’s what I learned. I asked the owner of Oasis when I was in there how she keeps them fresh for her clients who are detoxing and she said to just make sure the jars are very clean and to not leave any air in the jar. Also either add lemon to each recipe or squeeze some in as a preservative. You can also freeze it if you want but for a 3 day it wasn’t necessary.


We were tasting shots (MIL, SIL and I) as we were making them, so my brilliant in laws came up with the names based on the taste.


I tried to be a hero and not use fruit because the whole fructose thing freaks me out (I also have like 2 bags of pulp in my fridge to bake up). I figured Rose (who never had a juice or a green drink ever) would not be able to handle too much of that so I bought a couple apples and some grapefruit for a couple of them. Well, the grapefruit one ended up being the nastiest thing I’ve ever had in my entire life. My poor SIL lasted one day on this detox and I think she’s traumatized now. If you saw our texts the first morning you would die. I couldn’t even drink the thing. We started with a green lemonade and the second drink was this (she named it and never heard of the GM movement before Winking smile )


It was for 96 ounces (our biggest batch too!) and we used 4 grapefruits, 3 limes, 4 leaves of rainbow chard, 5 celery stalks—sounds like it would be good? No! Stomach bile was more like it. Like when you dry heave that taste in your throat it was effing beyond nasty. I added apples to try and salvage it and no. The next morning Rose texted me that she felt like she was being tortured by drinking it. I was about to go in a yoga class and thought I would hurl all over the floor. I only drank like 4 ounces of it if that too! I grabbed a coconut water to try and get the taste out and it did wonders for me.

Happiness In A Bottle

^You’re gosh damn right happiness in a bottle!

The rest of the juices were fine. Rose didn’t think so, she was a trooper thought and finished it out. She did like my cashew milk so at least that was a win!

My favorite was the beet juice:


Which was appropriately named:


True Blood:

makes about 36 ounces and I added filtered water to it because beets are so detoxifying, this drink can be intense. I know from experience, when I was pregnant I craved this a ton!

  • 3 large beets
  • beet stems & greens
  • 15 carrots
  • 1 lemon, peeled (the rind made things nasty don’t care what anyone says)
  • 3 cups spinach
  • big bunch of parsley
  • 5 romaine leaves

My strategy was to get a wide variety of greens and to rotate them as much as possible in each juice. I used Rainbow Chard, Spinach, Kale, Beet Greens, Dino Kale (aka stinky kale, I forgot how bad it stunk and bought it because it juices better but a lot went to waste), Parsley, Romaine, Celery and Basil. I also used Ginger Root, Carrots (2 big bags), Celery, Cucumbers, Apples, Lemons, Limes

How do I feel?

I am writing this at the end of my second day. Like I said the beginning of the first day was rough. It got better though. I was pretty hungry by 2pm but then I was fine. Here’s how it went:

  • Upon waking: 5 ounces room temperature lemon water
  • 8am Green Lemonade/Fresh Cut Grass (didn’t have enough of either so I rotated them the first mornings)
  • 10am: tried to drink “green monster and I MEAN monster” but failed after 4 ounces. The second day I replaced it with coconut water (and the first day I drank one as well)
  • 12pm: Orange tastic minus the orange
  • 2pm:True Blood
  • 4pm: Tastes Like Banana (kale, celery, romaine, parsley ginger, spinach, apple, lemon)
  • 6pm: cashew milk
  • 8pm: 5 ounces of salmon and some roasted veggies
  • 9pm and after: chamomile tea with raw honey

Each juice was about 16 ounces and I drank plenty of water between, or I tried to. Drinking a lot of water was never an issue for me but lately I’ve noticed I am not drinking as much as I used to.

By the end of each day I had the chills. I was FREEZING. I am cold and clammy as I type right now. I chock it up to my body doing it’s thing with this detox. I have one more day and overall I feel good about it. It honestly wasn’t as hard as I thought—I think the whole eating dinner part makes it much easier. Also, I thought at night I’d be ravenous wanting to eat everything in sight and I’m not! I was teaching tonight, Mike and E went to his moms for dinner and she sent him home with a bag of home made cookies. Cruel, cruel woman, think she’s trying to sabotage me Winking smile Just kidding…I wasn’t even tempted by them! Which is crazy, because I never met a cookie that didn’t tempt me.


Other ways I detoxed:

Dry brushing was something I’ve been trying to dedicate more time to. During this detox I am focusing on detoxing through my skin as well by spending a good 5-10 minutes with my brush before showering.


Ella thinks it’s her giant hairbrush though


That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. I hope I didn’t leave anything out. I do have all the recipes, but will save that for another time. E just woke up (don’t get me started) so it’s time to do damage control and get in bed myself!


Check out my friend Melissa, she is starting a 3 day cleanse tomorrow…wish her luck!

Also, my gal Lauryn runs a juice cleanse on her blog every so often…sure she has some great tips too!



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