Creamy Raw Carrot Soup

by laury on April 30, 2010 · 1 comment

Happy Friday!! Hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful day 😀
Post-op soup I made yesterday….creamy, nutritious and satisfying
Creamy Raw Carrot Soup
You have a few options with the carrots….you can buy fresh carrot juice (like boathouse farms) if you have a regular blender you want to go with this option; you can make fresh carrot juice in your juicer…or make it in your Vitamix or any commercial-grade blender that can handle the veggies!

To Make Carrot Juice In the Vitamix/ Blender:
wash, peel and chop up 6-7 large carrots, place in blender with about a cup of water (I started with half a cup, then added it as it needed it) blend on high until you get the juice at the right consistency.
Meanwhile, chop up about an inch of the Ginger Root (Katherine, the root is not as tough as you think to work with, just chop it and use it! Some grate it, some mince it,  I just chop by the chunk), a whole ripe avocado, and juice a lime (you can do half if you don’t want too much of a zing)
Throw that all in the blender with the carrot juice, add a 1/4 tsp of ground cumin.
Blend it up (in Vitamix do High 1 then quickly up 8) and blend until its nice a creamy...mine even came out a little warm! I ♥ you Vitamix.
Add some sprinkles of  goat cheese, sprouts and a drizzle of Hemp Oil (optional) –I liked that added texture and flavor it gave!
Mouth feeling OK today….I am all hopped up on stuff that I hate taking. Didn’t want to take any kind of pain reliever, but I realized that I can’t try and be a hero, it wasn’t worth it…when you’re on the verge of tears because your jaw hurts so bad, it’s time to give in, oye.
Kentucky Derby tomorrow! LOVEEEEEE it!!! I am going to try and make some “Nutritious” Mint Julep’s!!! Will keep you posted…even have a floppy hat to go with it ;-O
Enjoy your Friday!!!
Anyone watch or been to the Kentucky Derby?? Have a floppy hat? Drink Mint Juleps?  
I would LOVE to go one year and wear a rockin’ KD hat and a adorable sun dress, sipping on a Mint Julep…ahhhh!
If you’re not watching what are your weekend plans??
Ciao for Now!
xo -L
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