The Best Grain-Free Protein Chocolate Chip Waffles Ever

by laury on January 30, 2013 · 19 comments

Okay, okay.  I know I am patting myself a little too hard on the back there, but these were the bomb.

Grain Free Protein Hemp Waffles

I’ve been trying to find a really good grain-free waffle recipe. Most of them use protein powder, and I think they are super dry and rubbery. Others, again dry or bland, nothing Ella would eat. She was begging me for olives and cashews the one morning as she spit out the grain-free waffle.

This waffle, however, was Weezy approved.


A few key ingredients, chocolate chips of course…

Grain Free Waffle Bite

And lots and lots of stiff fluffy egg whites:


Stick a can of full fat coconut milk in the fridge, and tomorrow morning you will be able to scrape off your coconut cream from the top of the can…

Coconut Cream

I love Wednesday mornings. It’s the only morning I don’t work (I work Sat and Sunday AM so there’s no sleeping in then), so Wednesday is a special time for Weez and I. I always like to make us at lease one special meal to share that day, instead of my usual rush around and heat up frozen muffins that I baked ahead of time.

This morning we got up and make the waffles.

I can’t wait for breakfast again tomorrow. We froze the extras, and I am willing to bet it will be even MORE delicious toasted!

The very best part? Nothing processed. No protein powder…all real whole foods (unless you count the chocolate chips, but I say they don’t count ‘Winking smile )

Grain-Free Waffles

Grain-Free Waffle Stack

I mean, I hope I’m not talking myself up too much here but umm, yea, I am telling you these are my new favorite!

Grain Free Waffle with Fage

I loved them with some Fage total on top. Amazing.

Talk soon!

I hope you’re getting your supplies ready to make these tomorrow morning! Please let me know how they turn out!

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