Munchkin Meals 21 Months

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I just can not believe my little baby is going to be TWO in 3 months! Where has the time gone!?????


Anyway, I am going to keep it quick and to the point here! Thank you Hailey’s mom for hosting Munchkin Meals! Weezy and Mommy always enjoy sharing and seeing what other tots are enjoying as well!


Most days she has some variation of a hemp seed muffin that I make for her, I keep them in the freezer for easy, quick meals especially when I am running out in the AM. On days I AM home, I usually make something more special for us to share. She usually just wants what I have, no matter what it is!

These grain-free chocolate chip waffles were a big hit. I froze a bunch and toasted them for the next few days for us too…much better than GMO-laden Eggo’s! I can’t wait to try them with blueberries next!

Grain Free Waffle with Fage_edited-1


Lunch: leftover chicken soup, no noodles. It’s been pretty cold so we’ve been loving soups and bone broths lately! So warming and nutritious!



Reason 1,737 that I need a dehydrator. I was never a macaroon person, ever. But these things are amazing.


Ella and I could finish a bag in a day.


This girl LOVES olives. It’s so funny because I HATED them until I became pregnant with her. Now I am obsessed. As is Weez.


We have been doing a lot of apples since they are in season and so delicious right now. Recently I tried soaking them in fresh hand-squeezed orange and lime juice, and they not only add a nice little flavor, but they don’t turn brown even after a while! This photo was taken when E was taking her good old time munching on her snacks. I sliced these up at 8am, placed them in a baggie in the fridge marinating in the juice, and she munched on them around 11 and they never turned!


Yes, on the side those are Brad’s Raw Crackers. She goes through 3 bags a week at this point. So nutritious. So expensive. Worth it but reason 1.738 I need a dehydrator! Someday I will make them myself and save some $.


Rock Fish and Roasted Veggies. Ella loves roasted veggies, and she really enjoys rock fish! I had this for the first time ever a few weeks ago, and after that E and I have had it a couple more times! I highly recommend it!


There’s Ella’s recent eats! We pretty much just eat the same things, and she still is pretty adventurous too. We’ve been lucky. We also don’t make a big deal out of food, force her to eat, bribe her, and she gets “sometimes foods” like pizza, ice cream, cookies without us making a big deal. Once over the holidays she had a delicious fresh baked cookie, ate half of it, placed it down and went over to finish off some broccoli. I just try to lead by example and truly believe that it’s just as important to model to her that I will eat “sometimes food” and not make a big deal out of it, just as much as we eat healthy nutritious foods that are going to help us grow and stay healthy! I still have some constants I try to avoid like GMO’s, conventional animal products, “dirty dozen” no food coloring, highly processed junk food,  etc…sometimes it is tough if we go out to eat, not knowing what they cook with or where meats came from but I can’t be insane about it. Anything that has been clearly poisoned with food dyes, and other obvious things I typically still avoid though.I think it’s so much more worth it to make home made dessert with real ingredients that processed GMO candies (blech), or house made dessert from a restaurant than a packaged processed cake.

I am definitely not going to be a nutty mom about things when she goes to birthday parties and stuff like that. Once she turned 18 months I started really relaxing on those things because now she really knows what’s going on! It’s a balance between feeding her for her health and making sure she has a healthy relationship with food– and sees that I do as well. At home mostly her choices are between healthy food X and healthy food Y; I also expect this at families homes as  they are both usually something  delicious Smile I save the “sometimes” stuff for when we go out to eat and cant control it, or when I am in a baking mood!

All in all, I think I’ve been doing okay,  she has been a great eater.


Okay, let’s talk about carrageenan for a moment, shall we?


Carrageenan is a seaweed extract (Chondrus crispus, which is popularly known as Irish moss) common in the Atlantic Ocean near Britain, Continental Europe and North America. It is used as a thickener or an emulsifier to improve texture in alternative milks,  some cow’s milks, yogurts, cheeses, ice cream, cottage cheese, and other foods.

When I first started researching an alternative milk for Ella the name on the carton stood out to me.


I did some research and didn’t find too many negatives. I found what I already mentioned above, and any negatives did not have too much in the fact of supporting studies or sightings to back up the claims. With that said I am usually in the camp of playing it safe rather than sorry, especially with my daughter. At first I thought the risks in carrageenan outweighed the negatives I researched about homogenized, pasteurized cows milk. So I continued to give store-bought unsweetnened hemp milk to Ella in between making it myself for the convenience and the fact that she loved it.

I decided to go with hemp milk for the fat content and endless nutritional benefits of hemp seeds. The unsweetened hemp milks were the best because they do not contain brown rice syrup, which has caused a lot of controversy due to the arsenic levels.


A few moms have emailed me recently to ask me my thoughts on carrageenan. More and more is coming out about links to cancer and stomach/digestive problems. Not fun, and quite exhausting that we really can not trust any processed foods…even “healthy” processed food.

Once I discovered “Simply Hemp” we started drinking that more, but honestly I love making my own hemp milk as well. Store-bought hemp and almond milks are so convenient and do not go bad as fast, but they will come with added junk. My simple answer to moms who do not want to use cow’s milk is to just make their own hemp milk: (3/4 cup hemp seeds + 3 to 4 cups filtered water, 1 tsp vanilla, a pinch of cinnamon, a pinch of sea salt and dates to sweeten if desired. Blend. Boom. Done)  Cashew-Hemp Milk is also a favorite around here!

Be sure to consult your Pediatrician on supplementing your child’s diet with Vitamin D as they tell you do while breastfeeding.

I also love fermented cod liver oil (a recent addition) and probiotics for my little gal! Tip: for the cod liver oil, break it open and smooth some on your little one’s bum. It will absorb through the skin just as well, maybe even better than if swallowed! Best on the toosh under a disposable diaper because otherwise it will ruin their clothes.

I strongly believe that as a mother you need to do your own individual research, talk to your spouse, talk to your Pediatrician and come to a conclusion as to what is best for your child. I came to the decision that homogenized, pasteurized cow’s milk was not for Ella. Of course, again too speak with your Pediatrician, and come fully prepared and informed. When I spoke to E’s about my decision he felt much more comfortable with my knowledge in nutrition, my dedication to her diet, and how I assured him I was planning to get plenty of healthy fats in her diet with things like coconut oil, fatty fish, seeds, and so on. I also still will give her more digestible forms of dairy now like (raw, fermented) like raw cheese and plain Greek full fat yogurt (intro-ed after 14 months). Our Pediatricians main concern was fat for her growing brain and I have had that covered! I will also disclose that I AM still nursing, although it has become much, much less at this point and even though my milk has changed to benefit her nutritionally, she doesn’t rely on it. In short, she still gets benefits, but it’s more for comfort at this point.

If you want to talk about calcium just ask me in the comments section or shoot me an email! For now I have to cut out and get my butt in bed.

PS—anyone who have extensively researched carrageenan and have anything to add please let me know! I spent a little time reading about it, but I am sure I missed a lot. Any studies, or supporting info you want to share I would be interested in learning or hearing your thoughts either way!


PPS-sorry for typos and grammar errors, I am too lazy to proof read right now.


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