A Day in {Processed-Free} Eats

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Hey! How’s everyone doing with processed-free March? I was hoping to get in more photos of your meals, but maybe next week! Thanks to the few of you that participated. Many of my clients and readers appreciate seeing the variety of food. So if you’re on instagram and you snap photos of your meals (that are fully home-made_ just add the tag #processedfreemarch It’s easy! I’ll post more on my blog next week linking your IG and/or blogs. Thanks!

Here we go with a day in processed-free living for me!


Grain Free Blueberry Waffles

On Sunday mornings I will make a batch of grain-free waffles. Ella and I will each have one and then I freeze the rest (then pop it in the toaster the next day). I’ve been getting 5 or 6 out of the batch. It’s based off of this recipe and instead of chocolate chips I’ve been adding 1 cup of frozen organic blueberries. Delicious! I love adding full-fat Greek yogurt (plain) and making a waffle sandwich. Fage is growth-hormone-free but I am not 100% on the cows eating GMO feed or not. I really want to make my own raw Greek yogurt, but it kind of intimidates me.


I often have leftovers for lunch. For instance, Sunday we bought 3/4 pound of wild salmon, a little over a pound of grass-fed rib, local organic rib eye steak, a bag of Brussels sprouts and a bunch of asparagus (and Mike got a baked potato). I figured out the math and it cost $6.28 a meal for 5 meals we got out of it. So the three of us had dinner that night and the next day there was plenty for lunch for both Ella and I! Who said eating organic is expensive???

For the salmon I place Kerrygold butter on top with Borsari seasoning, make a foil pouch and bake it at 400 for 22 minutes (depending on size). Veggies I always roast at 375 for 30 minutes, season with coconut oil or olive oil and salt, pepper and garlic slices.

Salmon and Roasted Veggies


Most nights I work past dinner time so I grab a snack on my way out the door. I love these oven-dried apple chips I started making for Ella. That and a handful of almonds tied me over. I plan to start really soaking and drying my nuts but until I get a dehydrator it’s tough tying up my oven—I need to just do it though because eating sprouted nuts are MUCH better for digestion for E and I!


Apple ChipsAlmonds


DriedApple Chips

Since I had a dinner for lunch I decided to have breakfast for dinner. It is quick and easier for me nights that I am working until 7:15 or later. Michael will grab something and I send Ella with dinner (more on her meal prep in my Munchkin Meals post tomorrow).

So while I got my omelet ready the three of us split an orange bell pepper:


I made this with one whole organic egg and two egg whites, cooked it in Kerrygold Irish butter (loaded with CLA, and is grass-fed. Not local but haven’t found a local butter I like yet). This had shallots and 1 1/2 ounces of goats cheese. I was out of greens or else I would have probably thrown whatever I had in there too.


I was dreaming about chocolate sunbutter cups so I made them and was a little too impatient about letting them set before I munched….

Sunbutter Cup

this is what they’re supposed to look like


Once the weather warms I’ll be getting more into green juices and smoothies again. Too cold and I don’t think it’s great for you to drink all that cold when your body wans warming foods!

Now here’s YOUR food! Keep the #processedfreemarch meals coming! I’ll share more next week!

Maria from Healthy Diaries (@mariahealthydiaries) has the BEST ideas and great recipes on her blog as well! You know, us Italians can cook Winking smile




Dying over this shrimp curry dish!


Paleo trail mix. Amazing.


Dessert! Remember, we are trying to get everyone off of the Sarah Lee stuff, so if you want dessert MAKE IT! These are all home made treats Maria made for a shower…and you know she restrained from eating any of it!? That’s willpower I don’t even want to have Winking smile I need a taste at least!


Lisa, her sister (@healthydiaries) is equally as genius. Lisa had a gorgeous baby boy 7 months ago and she’s definitely a healthy mama! I loved some of her meal ideas!

Grain-free chocolate waffles? Yes please!



Ummm these are dehydrated almond pulp from almond milk. I need a dehydrator!


Here’s Felicia’s (@naturalbalanced) yummy eats! I wanted to come over for dinner…




Here’s what @xiomeeks was eating! Almost identical to our Sunday night dinner with the onions…yum!


And @purelymichelle from Purely Twins shared this home made green bowl of goodness…Check the blog for a million amazing healthy recipes!


Check out their blogs and instagrams to inquire more about the recipes or meal ideas! I just wanted to show  you others living without the packaged stuff. It doesn’t have to be difficult!

Next week I want to focus on freezer meals so any bloggers or readers that have great recipes they love or want to share please send me the links so I can share them with everyone!

I am going to make either this or this (<–anyone have luck with either?) grain-free bread. I am also looking for some good sprouted sandwich bread recipes others have tested that I can share.

Talk soon! Trying to get a Munchkin Meals (processed-free style) up tomorrow!



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