30 Day Sugar Detox Class

by laury on April 11, 2013 · 9 comments

Hello Friends!

It’s been a little while, huh?

I am writing you while I blow off my chores. I just cleaned my kitchen, but my bathroom is in need of some love and there’s an overwhelming pile of laundry that needs tending to. Sometimes I wonder why I am not one of those people who enjoy doing these things. Like my mother in law. She will be the first to tell you how much she loves cleaning. I actually used to not mind it as much, but now, post child, I feel it is just too time consuming. I’d rather blog with the free couple of hours I have on a Thursday afternoon. And work on this exciting new project (that I’m here to tell you about)!

I taught 7  8 (apparently I can’t count) yoga classes last week! That in addition to my home PT clients. I taught 6 at Sol (subbing a lot), and 2 at my condo. I loved every second of it. It has quickly become such a passion of mine. Giving the gift of yoga to others, as corny as that may sound, is not corny at all. It’s just, amazing. I am so grateful for my new job teaching and to everyone that helped make it happen!

Now, I can share another passion with my fellow yogis and all of you!


Another teacher/nutritionist and I are launching a Sugar Detox Workshop at Sol on May 11th! The best part about this is you do NOT have to attend the workshop to get in on the 30 Day challenge.

Many are very defensive about their diets. Especially when it comes to sugar. Despite knowing the terrible health effects, people just won’t quit. I truly believe that has to do with the addictive nature sugar has, not that they “won’t” or can’t”. They just need the right tools and the right starting point. I am not talking about treating yourself now and then, because we all have to face reality that it’s not always possible, and who wants to? I know, I know some of you are saying “me!” (looking at  -you know who you are Winking smile )but you are definitely in the minority. Even I enjoy going out to dinner with my family and having an amazing dessert or some ice cream. Or Hope’s cookie. Yum. And yes, I’m a pro and making these things myself with much better ingredients, but, for me, it’s part of life to go out and not worry about what you’re eating all of the time.That can get quite exhausting. What I am talking about it our overall diets and how sugar adds up! How we are cutting out the wrong foods while keeping in the foods that are making us crave sugar more and more with this endless, dangerous cycle. How it’s not only harming our physical health and wellness but our mental health as well. In more ways than one.


The goal that Caitlin and I have with this is not to think of it as deprivation and something you “can’t” do. We want you to think of this as self-love and self-care. You will feel better, have more energy, and nourish your body properly so you don’t grab for the quick, sugary foods. Heck, many of us have no idea how much sugar we’re consuming because it is hidden EVERYWHERE!!!

Just know that you can absolutely change your taste buds, you can absolutely cut back on sugar and processed foods, and you can absolutely do this! You just need the right tools and support.

I already have a 3 page outline of how to tackle this (and ideas and notes keep going into my book at all hours of the day and night!). I’ve been working on it for a while now and I think It’s going to be great! You guys know that I NEVER shill out anything on here to you. I just have been working harder on this (for longer than I even know it was official) than any other project I’ve talked about on here. I am so excited and think that this is going to help so many people! We have such an amazing community here and I have been adopted into the amazing yoga community—so as one—we can all do incredible things!!


Sugar addiction is well, an addiction. Many medical experts believe that it is as, if not more addictive than cocaine! Which is extremely scary. Especially because it’s all around us. Our children are eating it. We can’t get through the day without it. Studies show that Americans on average are eating over 150 grams of sugar per day! That’s SIX times more than what is recommended by the American Heart Association.

Some of what we will go over:

  • How to cut back
  • Changing your taste buds
  • What foods to add in and what foods may trigger cravings
  • Gut health
  • Hormones
  • Self love!
  • Find out WHY we are actually programmed as humans to crave sweets!
  • Why sugar is poison when it’s eaten the way we eat it today
  • Why sugar is making you sick and you may not even know it
  • Tips to succeed long term
  • recipes, shopping tips, meal ideas and more!
  • Unlimited support!

If you can make the actual workshop we’re doing a detox flow and a meditation at the end which should be amazing! If you are doing this virtually, we will be setting up a private facebook group where we will share the outline and information from the workshop, and we can all support each other, share recipes, ideas, and ask any questions you may have!

Best part? It’s ONLY $25. To me that’s a HUGE bargain. Don’t drink Starbucks for 4 days and you can do it!We wanted it to be affordable because we know so many people need it, and want everyone to have access to a program like this!

Go here to sign up!

If you have trouble with the link, you just need to go to Sol’s website, click on any class like you are signing up. That will take you to the mindbody website and on the upper right hand side there are tabs for the workshops. Look for the second 30 Day Detox for $25. If you want any more info or have questions hit me up! I am SO SO SO excited for this it’s going to be amazing!!!

If you needed any more motivation to take the step to quit sugar:


Infograph Created by: www.OnlineNursingPrograms.com

In other news, Ella is officially signed up for “school.” We went today to meet the teachers and after she got over her initial hesitation she was having a great time! Two little boys were competing for her attention in handing her a book it was sooo cute!! Lord help ME next week! Yikes!

Okay, off to clean the bathroom. Blech.


Man vs. Sugar

Is Sugar Toxic?


Talk soon!!!!


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