The Sweetest Place on Earth

by laury on April 15, 2013 · 10 comments

What a weekend!

Last Wednesday was Michael’s birthday, so on Friday we went out to dinner with his family. It was a nice time, I drank two glasses of red wine (which is like the equivalent of like 10 for Michael—I’m a light weight) then ate ice cream and was wondering why I was green the next morning before training my client and teaching yoga. Yikes. I recovered quickly though and no clients suffered the ill effects of my hangover.

This was not the end of my wine drinking or my sweets eating because….!

We had a sleepover in Hershey! “The sweetest place on earth.”

And you know what they say—when in Rome.

For Ella’s second birthday we decided to try and find a show to take her to. She LOVES Disney right now. Mickey is like Beiber and Minnie is like Taylor to a two year old.

Thanks to my sister in law we had a comped room at the Radisson in Camp Hill. We did not check into our hotel until later that night though.

First, we made a stop at Chocolate World.



We had a reservation at Harvest as per Melissa’s recommendation, so we had a little time to take a quick tour of the Hershey factory with Ella. I haven’t been to Hershey park since I was 10 and I barely remember the experience. I had to put my ill feelings of GMO’s aside and enjoy the trip! And the chocolate!

First stop: The free tour:



A well rested Weezy (nap in the car ride down-clutch!)  was getting so excited in line for the ride.




The ride took about 20 minutes. After they were handing out those mini chocolates like what you get on Halloween. I found out later that everyone in Hershey handed these things out. Everywhere.

The Hershey hotel was next. It is a very pretty hotel. Our reservation was at 6 so we had some time to kill before hand.


Ella got a kick out of the giant goldfish


She kept “smelling” the flowers. I think she gets smelling them and blowing raspberries on them mixed up though



Such a goof.


The restaurant was in a separate building behind the hotel.


There was an ice rink in front of it with a skate shop! I had to call my hockey playing family to tell them. It was some kind of fake ice—something when E gets older would be fun to bring her to if we ever decided to stay here!


We were surrounded by farm land here. On the way down I was telling Michael that we should just buy some land in Lancaster, a goat, some chickens for eggs and grow a vegetable garden. He told me the story about how he worked on a farm one summer home from college, for 3 hours. Total. It was a pretty funny story, but the moral of it was that he is just not cut out for that kind of work. I told him it was a shame I was getting used to the idea of him working outside all sweat with those gardening gloves and ripped jeans.


Anyway, I am ALL about farm to table. I wish there were more places in our area like this!



There was only one thing Weezy cared about.


Extra pickles.

The menu was not cheap, so to keep the bill down we all got burgers:


and salads:


I opted for no bun on my burger because it was not a worthy bun. I did have some bread because this cinnamon-butter stuff tasted like French toast. To-die-for:


We finished up at the restaurant and head out to our hotel. We stayed at The Radisson in Camp Hill.

We were surprised to find all kinds of goodies waiting for us in the room:


(all items, excluding the cow, donated to my sis and her bf)


and there were..cookies!


There is some significance between us and cookies in hotels. Years ago, when Michael and I were dating or just engaged we would go hang out at the DoubleTree bar and pretend we were staying there JUST to get the cookies at the front desk. These are the best cookies on the planet.

So now, when we go away, Mike always says :”I wonder if they give you cookies?’” Last summer in Baltimore he called the hotel we were staying at (already) and asked told them that he was interested in staying there but wanted to know if they gave their guests cookies. Then, when we were looking into hotels for Hershey (before we knew my SIL could get us a room) he called this service and said “Um, yes, I am interested in ____ hotels for a trip in couple of weeks but I would like to know first if any of them offer cookies.” The women on the other end was like: “Let me get this straight, you are interested in stating at X, Y, Z hotels but want to know if they offer cookies?”

I had tears down my face I was laughing so hard. You had to be there.

I brought some snacks to counter all the sweet treats for us:


And our room was well equipped with a ton of bottled water. They gave  us like 4 more bottles (not pictured)—I love when hotels don’t cheap out on the waters (hence, charging $15. for a bottle in the mini bar!)


Anyway I wished that we knew that because we took home this unbelievable peanut butter pie from the restaurant:


We figured, if you’re in Hershey, THIS was the place to get some ridiculous dessert.

Weez got in her PJ’s and the three of us went to the hotel lobby/lounge to enjoy some pie and some beverages.

photo (24)

Ella was too into the iPad, and after all the mini chocolates she had and some cookie (and the fact that it was late) she didn’t even notice the pie. Normally, I would have no issue housing that thing, Michael too—but surprisingly we were both okay with taking a few bites and leaving it! We also only ate a half of one of those delicious cookies between the 3 of us. WHO are we??!!!??? We were so full from dinner, and that cake was like the richest, sweetest thing you can only take a couple of bites before you get sick.

So good though!!

We went back to the room and chilled out in our sleep number beds. Michael was getting a kick out of lowering his number so that he and Ella would sink all the way down like if it were a water bed.

The next morning I was up super early, the kids were sleeping, I went to the lobby for coffee and some reading/work.

photo (25)

I need to go away more often because I had so many great ideas, and got a TON of work done for my 30 day sugar detox class and program!

I went back to check on them around 9, still sleeping! So I head over to have breakfast solo. I ordered eggs and roobios tea.

Shortly after they woke up. I gave Weez her breakfast and we started to pack and get ready for the big show!!!!

Pre pig tails:


Our seats were ridiculous, and the show was amazing. The best, sweetest moment of my life however was experiencing Ella seeing Minne and Mickey for the first time in person! I can’t even describe it but I had tears in my eyes and the emotion was unbelievable.

You  only need to watch the first 30 seconds or so to get the point. One of my sweetest moments as a parent thus far.

During the show she kept hugging and kissing myself and Michael as to say “thank you thank you!” She’s the sweetest ever.


And of course, here she is, munching on Brad’s raw chips:


If that wasn’t;t cute enough, she started ballet this week

check this out. I was able to join today, my MIL will be taking her regularly.

I just die.

(notice how I keep trying to hide from the camera, I wasn’t running away from E I promise)

also. School . swimming and gymnastics up next!

Sorry to be toddler overload today but I am a proud bragging parent. I have a couple new recipes in the works!

Talk soon!


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1 Wendy April 15, 2013 at 1:50 pm

THAT PEANUT BUTTER PIE!!!! You know I would have eaten the whole thing 🙂 Was Ella wearing an Ariel dress? I love it. That is hilarious in that video when ya’ll are singing itsy bitsy spider? (i had to mute the sound at work) and she ran instead of sitting in your lap like the other girls.

You are really going to enjoy this next year (until potty training). 🙂


2 laury April 16, 2013 at 1:51 pm

Yes it’s Ariel! She LOVED it! And we all thought she was going to be a tomboy 😉


3 the delicate place (@misathemeb) April 15, 2013 at 3:01 pm

ah she IS the sweetest!i am so happy you got to eat some yummy food there! also, our little ranch house was in camp hill!! it was in the neighborhood right behind the starbucks on trindle near the big giant ! small world!


4 laury April 16, 2013 at 1:52 pm

TOO funny! It is a small world! Shame you were not still there we could have met up! Miss you!


5 Colleen April 15, 2013 at 6:54 pm

Glad you had a good time! I actually grew up in Hershey and worked at the parks when I was in high school. I spent one summer working in a fudge shop (I got triceps on one arm from cutting it) and then two summers as a singing tour guide on the Trolley that runs out of Chocolate World. It really is a great place!


6 laury April 16, 2013 at 1:52 pm

That’s awesome! It is a great town! When Ella is big enough to go to the park we will definitely go back! Unless there’s another show to bring her to before then!


7 blackhuff April 19, 2013 at 5:02 am

What an interesting place to visit. Showed the cows to one of the ladies here at work and she found it so amusing 🙂
Love the photo of your daughter’s face while she ate that pickle – priceless 🙂
blackhuff recently posted..It was an interesting one this morning


8 laury April 21, 2013 at 8:54 pm

haha awww that’s funny!!!


9 Britt April 20, 2013 at 10:23 am

We were both pregnant together so I love reading updates about your baby girl ! That video was the sweetest thing ever I can’t wait for all these first moments 🙂


10 laury April 21, 2013 at 8:53 pm

How’s your little one doing, Britt!??It’s always great to hear from you!!!! And thank you 🙂


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