Manic Milk-Free Monday

by laury on May 4, 2010 · 5 comments

Hope everyone survived their Monday!

I am STILL feeling pretty sore in the jaw department, but it’s much better than it was over the weekend. Saturday was the worst for some reason…I thought 2nd day pain only applied to working out?

I added a new page to the blog, all my exercise tips and workouts in one spot…. all things nutrition and recipes coming soon 😉

I woke up in the WORST pain Saturday, pretty much in tears…broke down to take some meds, and as the day went on I felt a little better…I HAD to get cleaning done, and mounds and mounds of laundry (you would think a family of 6 lived here for how much laundry we have). Above are my “post-implant surgery” flowers from my husband, that I went out and bought, with his mula. These were necessary, they did brighten up the room and make me feel a lil’ better =) I made sure to thank him when I got home, haha…

Back in the gym today, first time since Thursday…3 miles on EFX (gave up on the running thing, not trying to injure myself, too rough on the ankles and hips). Then I did my own version of Ab Ripper X and kicked my own arse. Didn’t want to over-do it, since I am still not 100%, so I stretched and headed out. Plan on doing a full upper body routine tomorrow and cardio…maybe some Bosu and/or kettle-bell action.

I was very brave with my dinner tonight, didn’t know if my mouth would make it through it…a little rough, and I felt a little sore, but I was very careful to chew on the left…..but these suckers were BIG!

Happy (Veggie) Maki:

and Miso Soup:

Thoroughly enjoyable, except for the mouth thing :/


I saw this article /video today posted on The Huffington Post about how generic and harmful to your health the “new” USDA food pyramid is; how they’re recommending we drink 3 glasses of milk per day…however, these guidelines are not based on science….some of the “experts” who helped create the pyramid actually work for the dairy industry, which makes the USDA’s recommendations reflect industry interests, not science or our best interests.

Another strike against the USDA (If you haven’t read it already, see my post on Monsanto )

and 6 Reasons your should AVOID Dairy, which is one of the top food allergens in the US, and why the new food pyramid is a bunch o’ ish:

Very interesting, I am not yet “dairy-free” but I have lowered my consumption of dairy to practically nothing. I still do occasional cheese and occasional ice cream as a treat.…definitely dairy milk-free and sticking to it!

here’s a snippet of the article:

 The Truth about Dairy

According to Dr. Willett, who has done many studies and reviewed the research on this topic, there are many reasons to pass up milk, including:

1. Milk doesn’t reduce fractures.(i) Contrary to popular belief, eating dairy products has never been shown to reduce fracture risk. In fact, according to the Nurses’ Health Study dairy may increase risk of fractures by 50 percent!
2. Less dairy, better bones. Countries with lowest rates of dairy and calcium consumption (like those in Africa and Asia) have the lowest rates of osteoporosis.
3. Calcium isn’t as bone-protective as we thought.(ii) Studies of calcium supplementation have shown no benefit in reducing fracture risk. Vitamin D appears to be much more important than calcium in preventing fractures.
4. Calcium may raise cancer risk. Research shows that higher intakes of both calcium and dairy products may increase a man’s risk of prostate cancer by 30 to 50 percent.(iii) Plus, dairy consumption increases the body’s level of insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1) — a known cancer promoter.
5. Calcium has benefits that dairy doesn’t. Calcium supplements, but not dairy products, may reduce the risk of colon cancer.(iv)
6. Not everyone can stomach dairy.(v) About 75 percent of the world’s population is genetically unable to properly digest milk and other dairy products

Definitely read the entire article to get more of the facts and, or if you can watch the ^video ^(which is pretty much him saying whats in the article, but I enjoyed it, and I hate watching videos)

Have a great night…off to go watch the *Boys* =)

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1 Kayla (Little Miss Healthify) February 9, 2011 at 4:15 pm

I have always HATED drinking cow’s milk. Ever since I was little. My parents were worried about me and told me I need to drink a glass of milk everyday if I want to have “strong bones”. Sometimes I would force down milk just to please them, or I’d have milk with Oreos, since that’s the only way I liked milk!! Haha, now this is just so funny to me. I guess I was doing the right thing all along, not drinking milk! I love drinking almond milk though, but I still hate cow’s milk. I love yogurt though, but I don’t eat very much and I don’t eat lots of cheese or ice cream either. This was very interesting, that video was very informative.


2 laury February 10, 2011 at 12:04 am

you were smart 🙂


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