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Hey there. How have you all been?

Today is Day 22 of the yoga sugar detox and everyone has been doing great in their own way. This hasn’t been easy, but I am so extremely proud of the amazing group we’ve been coaching. I am really feeling bittersweet about this all ending next Tuesday!


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Here’s some of the feedback we’ve gotten so far!

“I feel a lot better. I never realized that I felt bloated until I stopped sugar altogether. I lost 7 lbs so far. I sleep deeper and I feel light and airy. I realized that heavy carbs and sugars weigh me down physically, emotionally and literally. I needed to break the cycle and I have. I don’t need bread as much as I thought. Sandwiches wrapped in lettuce are much better anyway!”

“I think the biggest thing for me wasn’t getting rid of the bloating/weighed down feeling. That’s nice, of course, but expected. I think I’m most surprised at how much this change has affected me mentally. Not only am I much more focused at work, but I’m sleeping through the night and don’t wake up feeling like I need to shotgun a pot of coffee to get out the door.”

“I’ve made huge strides in how I eat. I read nutrition labels like I’ve never done before! I feel like a whole new world has opened up to me. I’ve learned so much about how to eat healthier and I am loving it!”

“I am eating so much better (and I thought I ate pretty good before)! I don’t miss sugar in my coffee. I don’t feel bloated. I read labels more carefully and my food shopping is so much easier! I’ve had a glass of wine or two over the past two weeks but I’m proud of myself overall. My taste buds are totally different and I couldn’t be happier!

“I can’t believe I have made it this far. I definitely pay far more attention to what I eat and what ingredients are in things. I am learning so much, reading some very interesting books. I feel physically fine, very good, some days pretty snacky but overall satisfied.I am eating completely differently than I was before and I really don’t miss much, so I am very happy about that.”

“I’ve always eaten healthy and read labels but LOVED sugar. I’ve learned that I can do without my morning sweet wawa cappuccino (my guilty pleasure) and the night time sweet by going for green tea or no-sugar “snack” alternatives. I can’t believe I lived without coconut oil before. I love becoming even more aware and having access to so many great recipes. I too am grateful for this experience. Thank you!!!”

I still find that most of my workouts are on my sweaty yoga mat, but I have been trying to fit some HIIT in 1-2x a week. Today my sister in law and I did the 1,000 rep challenge, and last week I made up this little diddy for myself:

Repeat the following for 3 rounds with no to minimal rest between:

Jump Rope x100
Bosu Push-ups (upside down): x10
Box Jumps (7 risers): x10
Assisted Pull-Ups: x10
Jump Lunges: x10
Forearm Plank: 2 minutes

I’ve been really into cucumber smoothies since the weather has heated up!

This is an approved protein powder that we’ve been using during the detox. It’s 100% organic raw whey, nothing else added. No stevia, no additives, no preservatives. And it tastes yummy! Plain hemp protein is the other one but that one is really hard to take down without a banana, other fruit or some stevia added to it. At least in my opinion.


Cucumber Basil Smoothie__

Round 2 Detox with Sol is set to launch after school starts this fall! In the meantime, I am still taking a couple more private clients for health coaching, 30 day metabolic detox, or online training!

In other news we had a wedding last weekend (which is fun while detoxing let me tell yah) and I used Rent The Runway for the first time. I ordered a Nicole Miller dress and LOVED it! I had such a wonderful experience overall. My favorite part about it is that real women upload their photos and stats making it more realistic when shopping to find a dress flattering for your figure!

photo (28)

This photo of me and the girls came out terrible with the lighting but I wanted to show you my girlfriend’s dress (in the red) who also rented the runway; I LOVED hers as well!

photo (29)

The shoes were MY wedding shoes, and the ones I wore in my friends wedding a few years ago. I adore these and wear them any chance I get!

photo (30)

Michael was in the wedding, it was one of our very dear friends got married, the whole day was beautiful, the venue was beautiful, and we all had a fantastic time. Especially with the photo booth..

photo (31)

which we took full advantage of given the stack of pictures on my dining table right now. Oops.

Talk soon!

Have you ever rented the runway? Did  you like your experience?

What smoothie/juice combos are you into right now? I am trying to get as many ideas as possible for my detoxers (no fruit please!)


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