Not Reaching Your Fitness Potential? This Missing Component May be Why!

by laury on October 29, 2013 · 1 comment

{Disclosure: The following is a sponsored post, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.}

Our overall fitness is based on a combination of many things: Exercise, a healthy diet, a positive outlook/healthy mind, and SLEEP! When one of these links are missing, or are weak, your overall fitness will not meet its full potential.

These days, it seems to be getting more and more difficult to get enough sleep. I know that when I sleep poorly, committing to my exercise routine becomes much more difficult. My energy is low, and I am also more likely to crave high energy-sugary foods when I am sleep deprived.  Between having to be up early for work, then getting home late from work, chasing after a toddler, staying up late to plan meals for my family it’s amazing I get any sleep at all! I know I am not the only one with a hectic "go go go" lifestyle. It is more common in this current society that people don’t take time to slow down, add the distractions of technology and social media in the mix and it’s amazing people are ever able to unwind, getting that deep, restful REM sleep that we all need!

Life is demanding, but putting off your sleep to keep up with your busy schedule won’t allow you to meet those demands. There will always be too much to do, but taking the time to just slow down and be present in life will help you to live a more healthy, happy life that you are able to enjoy, instead of always having your mind in fast forward. When you lose sleep due to many of those factors, your overall fitness will never reach its full potential. If your exercise routine isn’t paying off or you feel sluggish, feeling you need a few $4 Starbucks coffees to get you through the day, you should probably look at your diet and lifestyle…and especially how much you’re sleeping! Research has found that sleeping less can cause weight gain, because it causes a hormonal imbalance, and your hormones affect EVERYTHING in your body. Including, but not limited to your weight. Sometimes it’s hard finding enough time to sleep, or it is hard to get comfortable – with having a two year old, who co-sleeps, along with being in the process of moving, I can sympathize! But following these simple tips will maximize your workout and keep you in shape:

· Sleep 7-8 Hours Every Night

Think you can get by on six? Maybe not! Getting 7-8 hours of sleep a night is essential for most adults.  The ComforPedic mattress uses memory foam for superior support and has been proven to help!

If you exercise regularly, it will promote deeper sleep. Only be sure to relax at least 3 hours before bed

· Exercise –People who exercise regularly tend to get deeper, more restful sleep. Earlier in the day is best, but if you only have time to exercise in the evening, stick with yoga. (Power) Yoga workouts are sequenced like a bell curve–they start out more like an amazing, yet challenging cardio and strength workout– but will wind you down, calming our body and mind so that you can sleep deeper. If you choose a more stimulating intense form of exercise like running, HIIT, or strength training too close to bedtime it may disrupt your sleep. Every body is different though! Just something to consider if you’re having sleep troubles!

How’s Your Mattress!??

An old or uncomfortable mattress is a major and often overlooked cause of lost sleep! To get your best sleep, purchase a mattress that helps dissipate heat and supports your back and spine. A mattress that seems to fit the bill perfectly is the Beautyrest Black mattress.

Sleep more and get your best quality sleep for a boost in your fitness routine! Trust me – you’ll appreciate the extra rest and will be feeling more energized on your runs or at your power yoga classes before you know it!

Right now we are looking into getting Weezy a new “big girl bed.” Since she has been co-sleeping with us since she was an infant and nursing, it is not going to be an easy task. As a growing toddler, it is essential for her health we choose the right mattress so that she sleeps well, and doesn’t have any discomfort. You spend 1/3 of your life sleeping! It is essential that you are sleeping ON the right mattress to ensure a deeper, more restful sleep that will also help your body to relax, not cause it muscle tension or kinks!

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