Second Pregnancy: 16 weeks

by laury on March 18, 2014 · 9 comments

Hey! How are you guys? I am stopping by to make a couple of updates about my pregnancy this week! I am feeling SO much better, my uterus has straightened out and that issue I spoke about last time is gone. Good stuff.

Here’s my bi-weekly upside down belly shot. It still disappears once I go up, but if you notice you can see it shifted a little under my ribs. Soon enough you will see it there! I am definitely showing right-side up, maybe I will take a shot of that for next time.


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My Second Pregnancy: 16 Weeks

Fitness: Really grateful to still be working out as I did before I got pregnant, with encouragement from the doctors, and feeling good too. Sometimes I swear I forget I am pregnant! SO different from the overly cautious nature I had my last pregnancy. This is subject to change, but I am embracing everything my body is allowing me to do at this moment. I remember my first pregnancy, while I stayed active until the end, I had to slow down a lot….nothing too intense…got dizzy spells, low energy, I was also scared to lye on my back and lift heavy weights, things like that. Luckily that hasn’t happened to me yet.

Monday’s I have been doing PIT. This is crazy, but I love it. Totally my kind of workout.

Tuesday is either an off day (my only morning off to spend with Ella) or Weez and I go to the gym and I’ll try to catch a spin class

Wednesday is my own self yoga practice…many times I am playing with sequencing or handstands or just warming up and holding hip openers or something. Nothing crazy.

Thursday I take a HIIT/weight class at the gym,

Friday is 75 minute power yoga class

Saturday I go to the gym with Michael and Ella, I usually do my own HIIT workout…practicing flipping tires, burpees, plank rows, med ball slams, lunges, Bosu work, stuff like that.

Sunday: Power Yoga class, either a 60 minute or 75 depending on what time I can get there.

Sleep: It’s getting better! Finally! I am actually not waking up as much (this better not jinx me ) Energy level is good, but I do crash when I do too much house work in one day. Someone should help me with that Winking smile

Cravings: I have had the hunger of a truck driver, but luckily I really do not want any crap foods. They aren’t even appealing to me right now. I feel I snack a ton though. Have been really into oranges and blackberries. Funny because I am not big on fruit in the cold weather.

Weight Gain: Up about 4.5 pounds I think. I originally wrote here expressing how this time I have not been able to embrace the weight gain as much. Last pregnancy I honestly looked forward to watching that scale go up. I knew it was a great sign, as I logically do now. I guess I am just human and am thinking too much ahead in this pregnancy, and need to embrace the present moment when this comes up, letting go of any unhealthy expectations. I am not happy with how I conveyed that message. What I originally meant was that I am not a fan of the scale, I do not have one in my bathroom, and was really surprised at how sensitive I was to it the past couple of weeks stepping on one at the doctor’s office (and hearing, when I asked if it was okay to gain so fast in a few short weeks that I have to just watch portions with my growing, crazy hunger it didn’t help things. Again, even though I logically know my body best and how I am fueling it, and how smart it is). I realize how silly I was, being I am pregnant and all. My point was it just goes to show how are entitled to how we feel, but need to express those feelings so we can move on from them. In my case writing down the absurdness helped it to sink in.

Mood: When I was pregnant with Weez, my husband described me as the nicest person in the world. He wanted me pregnant all of the time. I am definitely much moodier this time around. That progesterone is building up because I do haven’t been as calm and serine, and have been more impatient than usual. Trying to keep myself in check, reminding myself of all I am grateful for, but it is hard sometimes! It changes day to day though. I think it has less to do with my pregnancy and more to do with the fact that we have had the darkest, coldest, most miserable winter in a long time, and I need warm sunlight on my skin! Spring is in TWO days and it was 22 degrees yesterday. I bet I’ll be the happiest person ever once the weather breaks! The Vitamin D will give me the boost I need!

Baby Movement: YES!!!!!!!! I am AMAZED at this!!!! As soon as my uterus straightened out I swear I am feeling those kicks! They say the second time you feel it much sooner. I am not feeling butterflies or that “is it gas” feeling either– I am feeling little tiny kicks. It’s crazy. I had to lye on my stomach a lot when the doc was trying to get my uterus to flip, so I tried sleeping on my stomach, and right before I knew it actually did, I felt something in bed. Then, in yoga last week when I was in locust pose at the end of class and the baby was going crazy. Now just as I type I am feeling some kicks! I didn’t feel movement like this until way later in my pregnancy with Weez. This morning on my left side my uterus felt much harder, I thought maybe it was the little baby hanging there! I know he/she is not bigger than my palm right now, but it’s possible, right?

How’s Weezy Dealing? She’s super excited. She’s at the stage where what I have or feel or do, she does too. Mini me. So I’m not sure how to deal with the fact that she’s convinced that there’s a baby brother or sister in HER belly as well. Oh, and she has it all figured out for when the baby comes. Daddy is going to go sleep with the baby and take care of him/her, while she sleeps with mommy in mommy’s room and I take care of her. Oh no! I am trying to prep her to be mommy’s special helper!

Overall things are great. feeling fantastic this week, especially after all that was going in the first trimester and then the whole incarcerated uterus thing. Hopefully I have some more interesting things to report next time. Oh, I am loving the maternity clothes better than my regular clothes! Got some things at H & M. Why can’t I find cute things like this when I am not pregnant? I’ll post some pics next time of my fav new jeans.

Oh, and forgot to add my sister in law is having her baby tomorrow!!! Beyond excited!!! The Raiken family is growing!

Talk Soon!


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1 Sarah (sissy) March 18, 2014 at 3:12 pm

So Excited! Glad to hear you are feeling better!


2 a March 18, 2014 at 8:52 pm

It is horrible that you are complaining over less than FIVE pounds 16 weeks into your pregnancy. You are a horrible example for your daughter… Grow up and get over yourself! You are growing a human inside of you… be healthy and stop being obsessed over weight. I will be unfollowing you now. Hope you get better.


3 laury March 18, 2014 at 9:38 pm

Wow. I am not “complaining” about my weight gain. I probably should have worded it differently. I am complaining about the fact that we are forced to get on a scale, when it really isn’t a good measure of our health. But you have opened my eyes to the fact that I really need to be careful about how I word things in a blog post, as opposed to if I were speaking to someone in person. The scale means nothing. And overall I have expressed feeling great, and I should have also mentioned feeling good about my body. The “Ugh” is more-so doctor’s focus on sticking you on that damn scale the second you get in the office. I am glad you commented (so harshly) though because I have to watch how I word things. I assure you I am a perfectly fine role model for my beautiful daughter. There is absolutely no focus on weight or body obsession, and I never, ever, ever put myself down in front of her. We all have our issues. I am being honest admitting that this time, so opposite as last time, seeing the scale go up this early so much in just 2 weeks messed with me, and now I am over it because I talked about it. I logically realize how ridiculous that is. But getting things like that off of my chest helps me to be a good role model, keep myself in check, and be positive, never ever saying insecure, silly things around my daughter.

Basing your opinion of what type of role model I am for my daughter based off of a few sentences on a blog post is just silly. You have no idea what you’re talking about. However I will say you are right for calling out how I spoke about this subject, I didn’t over think it like I used to with everything on this blog. I just wrote. Next time I will be a little more responsible, considering how it is received. Not because I am afraid of losing readers, but for giving the wrong message to anyone impressionable or with issues that may be reading here. That would kill me if I thought I was doing that. It’s like be strong and convey a good message, but also be honest and share struggles. It’s a balance.


4 a March 19, 2014 at 1:10 pm

I am not doubting your abilities to be a great mother — I just think that you harping over the small amount of weight you have gained is a bit absurd. I know plenty of women who would die to gain that much weight just to be pregnant. If it is really bothering you, I think you should turn around on the scale when they weigh you and not ask them to tell you what the “number” is unless it is concerning them. Sorry if I was harsh, it’s just frustrating to see skinny/in-shape women complain about weight gain when its for a pregnancy.


5 laury March 19, 2014 at 2:24 pm

Listen you’re completely entitled to your opinion. If I was taking it the way you are I would think I was absurd a well, wanting to bitch slap me through the computer. I am entitled to feel how I feel, express it and move on. I was not harping or complaining over the weight itself. I wasn’t harping or complaining at all. I was simply expressing that for some reason, I had let seeing the scale go up bother me. I realize that is absurd. I said that to you already. If you read everything I wrote I also said that I wasn’t sure why it was bothering me but I may not look from now on if it continues. I also said I wasn’t sure why I was even talking about it because I realized it was a small amount of weight to gain, and that it really doesn’t mean anything. Women, no matter what shape or size, often times have insecurities about their body, or their jobs, or relationships. It has nothing to do with not being grateful for what they already have and how lucky and blessed they are. I am incredibly lucky and grateful to carry this baby and gain weight to support my growing child. With my last pregnancy I LOOKED FORWARD to stepping on the scale and seeing it go up. I was simply expressing the differences in each pregnancy, and that it is not the case this time. However, now that I have talked about it, even before discussing it further with you, I came to the realization that that momentary insecurity was silly. I will not apologize for it though. I can’t control how I feel. I am sick of seeing people always paint a perfect picture on blogs/facebook/twitter/ instagram like they have perfect lives and no issues. I am a human being with normal human thoughts and I spent many, many years when I was younger bottling up everything I felt. You know where it got me? Somewhere not great. I am not doing myself or my daughter any favors by hiding how I feel and not getting it off of my chest. My blog is a safe place for me to express how I feel, possibly reaching out to others who feel the same, or people like you who will call out that ugly insecurity. It has nothing to do with anyone else other than me. It has nothing to do with women who would “die to gain that much weight to be pregnant.” I do realize there are people who would do anything, gain 50, 60, 70 pounds just for a baby, but my momentary expression of how I was feeling at that moment has nothing to do with my gratitude for my situation or with other women. It was just me being real and expressing how I was feeling. I am over it, honestly.

I thought about your comment a lot today, I’d be lying if I said it didn’t make me feel bad for even bringing up my truth at that time, but I still do not regret posting what I posted. I think I could have expressed it differently, but I do not regret posting how I FELT. Not feel. Felt. At that moment. I wish you the best, and again even though you probably have hard feelings there are none on my end. You are entitled to express yourself, calling it out how you see it, how it made you feel (annoyed), and moving on. I can’t handle personal attacks but I can handle a difference in opinion, or someone expressing how something I said made them feel, even if it is not what I want to hear. That’s what you get when you put yourself out there on a public forum. I understand that….


6 Purelytwins March 19, 2014 at 7:40 am

so glad that you are doing better!! looking beautiful as always!!


7 laury March 19, 2014 at 2:01 pm

Thank you!!!


8 Kristen March 19, 2014 at 12:40 pm

Girl, I completely understand what you mean about the scale. It’s hard to see the numbers go up. Society is just so “skinny” minded that it just feels wrong to be excited about gaining weight, even if it is for pregnancy. It’s ok to feel that way and I’m kinda glad that you wrote so honestly. I’m sick of reading blogs that sugarcoat everything and even when they do open up a little about “real” issues, they still end the post with unicorns and rainbows. I want to to yell through the computer, “It’s ok to admit you’re not perfect and shit happens!! It’s ok to feel insecure or sad or stressed or whatever other negative thing that every human feels at some point!” I actually appreciate that you simply put what you were feeling at that time.
Oh, and I love Ella’s plan for when the baby comes!! That’s hilarious!!


9 laury March 19, 2014 at 2:01 pm

Thanks, sweetheart for the support! It is hard sometimes, and it’s just weird because I looked forward to that part when I was pregnant with Ella. I knew my body was doing what it needed and I embraced it. I just had a temporary feeling of insecurity (also one of the docs started going into things about watching my portions, like eat half of this and not a whole, when I told him how hungry I have been–what? Really??? Because logically I know it is not a lot of weight and I do still fit in all my clothes). I am not perfect and like to convey I am a normal human being with insecurities and issues. I agree I can not stand the perfection some people try to convey online, I think THAT makes readers feel more insecure…like “what’s wrong with me, why do I feel this way.” I like to share the good, bad and the ugly. Maybe not every detail but what I do share is therapeutic for me. As I said I am honestly over it now that I talked about it. Doesn’t mean it will be perfect here on out but trying to count my blessings and keep my silliness in check! XOXO


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