TRX, Pooltime & Dining Out

by laury on June 12, 2010 · 1 comment

 Very quiet at the pool this afternoon. I <3.

What a BEAUTIFUL Saturday here! How is everyone??? Sorry I have been inconsistent with my posting times…Fridays have been kinda busy lately :/

I wanted to say a BIG thanks to everyone for their feedback on the last post! It’s very comforting to know that people all over the world share my concerns…and that I’m not crazy/ too uptight on wanting my family to care a little more about what they put in their body. If you missed it, go back and let me know your thoughts! I’d love to read them 🙂

So yesterday I got to play around with the new popular  fitness gadget, TRX. My friend, Carly (also a trainer) purchased it, before me the brat & she was kind enough to wait for me to test it out 😉

It’s MUCH harder than it looks!!!

Push-Ups this is my “focused” face, lol.

One-Legged Squat:

Carly didn’t know how to really work my SLR (as if I do?), so my pics were kinda funky looking…my hair is not that dark.

Here’s Carly trying the squats:

The Lunges were killer, but we didn’t get a shot of them b/c it took some focus, and us to be close by to the other to hold the other side of the rope to prevent it from sliding (we still need to master the mechanics of the equipment).

This was the toughest.…especially b/c Carly found it amusing to leave me in there while she got pics from “every angle” a few times around…haha

Abdominal Knee-Ins:

Don’t worry, I got her back:

Then we went through the workout, which is 12 different exercises, 30-60 seconds each. Didn’t seem like much…but we were BOTH huffing and puffing (and I was with a girl that teaches 3 spinning classes a DAY at times!) Can’t wait to do it again! We said we were going to try and do it at least 1x a week (due to both our schedules).

Friday night the husband and I went to Maggianos (mehhh). You see, Michael has been trying to get in here since December. Every week, he suggests this restaurant, but doesn’t think of it until the day of, so we can never get in. Maggianos is one of HIS favorite restaurants. Me, well,  I secretly so do a “YES” dance when he calls and there’s no availability. I feel the food there is SO heavy, and none of the menu items really appeal to me at all. Michael, as I said in previous posts, has been eating SO much better lately, and even lost around 18 pounds! He doesn’t eat this stuff often, however it is something he wants to enjoy on occasion. This week, he out-smarted me and called the restaurant on Monday to make a 7:00 reservation for Friday. A big 😛 to me.

Surprisingly...I had a really good meal! There was not one but TWO salad specials that I was interested in having. One was crab meat and shrimp over arugula and avocado topped with a lemoncilla vinaigrette. The other (which I went with) was a Mixed green with strawberry’s, pine nuts, goat cheese (haven’t had in a while) with a light vinaigrette

Although the first salad was VERY appealing, and was almost sold on it….I decided to go with the second one b/c the Mussels appetizer was really the only thing I liked for dinner:

The only whole wheat pasta they have is penne (I’m an angel hair gal), and it always comes out
TOO “al dente”–like hard as a rock, so it’s not even worth it to get the pasta.

We came home and watched 20/20–I would like to personally do harm to Joran van der Sloot….I never wish ill-will on anyone…but all I have to say is yuck, sociopath,&  hope he gets what’s coming to him in prison.

This morning I taught a great boot camp. It’s getting pretty buggy time I gotta get some citronella up in that peace. The girls worked super hard…and I LOVEEEE teaching it. One of my favs!

After that got my own work out in and got to break in my new sneaks…that I DESPERATELY needed!

not my usual brand…but they felt amaze on my feet…so I hopped around the store in them, tried a few of my usual brands..and decided to go with the Ryka’s for once in my life. It’s VERY important to get the right sneakers for you and for your purposes & unique to your type of feet, your foot strike, gait…I can cover all of this in a later post. It’s also important to keep up with the wear and tear and replacement of your sneakers. I was a little over due this time…but glad I finally bit the bullet & made the purchase.

Cleaned the mini-mansion 😉 and headed to chill-ax at the pool and reaaaaad 😀 Was very quie today–not crowded at all…which I love!

I got home and wanted to check on the MUCH ANTICIPATED (by me) release of Forks Over Knives to find out there will be a screening in my area the day after my birthday!!!! Happy birthday to ME 😀 Tickets are $50. for a healthy vegan dinner, Q & A and the show…and a there will be a book signing by Rip Esselstyn, author of t , Engine 2 Diet. If you  JUST wanted to see the movie it’s $10., but I don’t want to risk it getting sold out…and I am interested in the Q&A portion…also, a vegan din sounds delish! Otherwise, I will have to wait until November or so for the “official” release.

SUPER EXCITED!! Watch the trailer here to see what it’s all about!

Hope you have a lovely weekend…..let me know what’s good!!! 

Who else is waiting for Forks Over Knives??? If you just saw the trailor I posted, what do you think!?

What’s your favorite healthy dish to eat out?

How do you pick new sneaks? Do you stick with the same brand? Have you ever been professionally fitted for your workout/ running shoes?

Off to make a tasty heirloom salad….with some cucumbers…YUM!

Talk to you all soon 😀


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