Thirsty “DOC-TOBER” Thursday

by laury on October 7, 2010 · 30 comments

My new “go-to” tea….I add a few chunks of ginger root and I’m in heaven :-)



Last night history was made! Roy “Doc” Halladay threw a NO HITTER in his FIRST playoff game ever!!!! There hasn’t been a no hitter in post-season baseball since 1956! That was the LAST and ONLY no hitter in a playoff game EVER! Doc’s was the second!  Can you say Hall of Fame? This made for an exciting evening in our house last night, that’s all I am saying :-)

My sister in law sat in Diamond Club seats last night…we hate her. JK, we love her, but we are super jealous 😉

Michael and I thoroughly enjoyed this D I N N E R  during the game:

Spelt pasta in a light tomato sauce (I used RAOS) with asparagus topped with my Vegan Parm

have you ever had Spelt pasta??? If not, it’s pretty delish!

Whenever I ask Michael what he wants for dinner, I often get the same response “I DON’T KNOW”–3 famous words. Drives me bonkers. He is a VERY picky eater (you have NO idea), so I end up making him the same 3 things ALL the time–booooooring. I often look forward to my Tuesday dinners alone (he goes out with his mom), because I can get creative in the kitchen and try new things (and share them with you all!) Other times I have to make 2 separate meals….not so fun, but I do it because I love him, and at the same time I can keep my own taste buds from getting bored.

He is not fond of whole wheat pasta, I always say too bad. Yesterday, at whole foods I thought, let me try this Spelt pasta…it seems like it’s lighter than whole wheat, maybe Michael would like it. Well, the first thing he said to me when he bit into his dinner was “What kind of pasta is this?” I said “Spaghetti.” M-“Yeah, but what kind? Is it not whole wheat? I like it.” I said, good, it’s spelt.” “What’s that?” “Just another type of grain, eat it,  it’s good for you, and I’m glad you likey.”

What’s your favorite pasta dish?

Something to Read–The Dangers of Soy:

I have been wanting to post about this topic for a while. I have touched before about avoiding too much processed soy, tempeh vs. tofu, and synthetic estrogen in soy…but I don’t have to anymore because my friend, Jen wrote an AMAZING article on her blog covering everything you EVER wanted to know about soy products, potential dangers, and the differences between traditional soy and non-traditional soy products! Check out the article here!

Friday Five topics are open…let me know if there’s anything in particular you would like to see :-)


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