A Trip to the Pumpkin Patch

by laury on October 25, 2010 · 24 comments

Good Morning! How was your weekend? Mine was just OK. The Phillies lost, that was a bummer…however, I am not going to be a sore loser. The Giants won fair and square, they deserve to be in the World Series right now. I WILL be rooting for Cliff Lee though, I still heart him mucho.

I only did a few of the things I set out to do this weekend. My massage on Friday was divine. My very first pre-natal massage…which feels weird because I still feel small enough to get a regular massage, but they felt more comfortable having me lye on my side. I guess better to be safe than sorry! Oh, and my prenatal yoga class on Thursday was awesome. I think it will be most beneficial the further along I get…I do need a lot of the breathing and stretching, so I’m happy that I will be getting a head start on it now!

Michael and I saw ‘The Town’ on Friday night, it was pretty entertaining. After that we had dinner at HIS fav place, Maggianos. I split a salad with him and got the mussels appetizer. It was pretty good.

I did get over to the farm for my pumpkin, but no baking or carving happened yet. I had a mini meltdown looking at my closets, my den and the cramped 950 square foot space that is my condo, freaking out and WHERE this baby is going to go! So my mom came over and we got A LOT done–I put all the clothes away that will not be fitting me this winter. We did a closet and a half, and planned our strategy for the rest of the house. The den/baby room will be last. My mom described my book collection as the mini Einstein collection, there are SO many books…and the large book shelf in my den will soon be used for baby stuff. We decided to get a few more book cases for the living room and the bedroom and one for the kitchen to hold everything, because God-forbid I pack them up and put them away 😉

Ikea trip in the very near future…

Even though I never got the bake, I did get some great pic from my trip to the farm. I plan to carve my pumpkin in the next day or two. Michael is craving my toasted pumpkin seeds, so I need to get on it!

my pumpkin :-)

What was the highlight of your weekend?

Are you are very organized person, or do you have trouble keeping things in order?

My house is always CLEAN, I just get overwhelmed with STUFF and the lack of space to put it. I also have issues with holding onto things…I need someone else to come in and help me purge every now and then. Thanks, Mom :-)

Now off to the gym…I was up at 5:45 for work this morning, so creepy leaving the house when the moon is still shining!


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