Thank Goodness for Long Weekends…

by laury on November 29, 2010 · 27 comments

Howdy, Bloggies! How are you all doing??? I hope everyone had a great weekend! Here in the states most of us got a long weekend because of the holiday, which is always nice. Technically, I trained 1 client on Friday, but I don’t really count that as work 😉

Thanks so much for the positive thoughts and kind words for Munchkin. He is going to be just fine…the vet called and everything looked OK. He had a few crystals, but other than that it was all good. She just said to start giving him more wet food, which won’t be a problem.

I hope you all enjoyed my special Friday 5 Bootcamp! If you missed it, check it out! It’s a pretty good one :-)

Here’s a recap of our Thanksgiving dinner:

I, of course, did not have turkey. My Nona is the BEST….she made TONS of sides, so I had plenty to eat :-)

Forgot to take a picture of the salad that I had a HUGE bowl of. It was pretty much romaine, chick peas, tomatoes, onions and a light vinaigrette dressing.

For dinner I had…

Brussels Sprouts with garlic and olive oil:

a LOT of Brussels Spouts, actually.

Nona’s stuffing she makes just for me. Vegan style, just some veggies and veggie broth:

and some sweet potatoes:

My Nona does her dinner at 2:30, then we went to Michael’s families house around 5. I was still pretty full when we got there so I did not have too much to eat. I saved it for dessert 😉

I ended up making a peanut butter cup pie from my PB Cup recipe (I just filled the batter into a pie  pan instead of making individual cupcakes):

And the other thing I made (which I am STILL drooling over) was this Vegan Double Layer Pumpkin Cheesecake from Fat Free Vegan Kitchen:

This was AMAZING! No one could tell it was Vegan! JUST like Susan V. said!  I am DEFINITELY making it again around Christmas! Maybe sooner…it was THAT good!

My sister in law made this ridic looking cake from Smitten Kitchen:

By the time dinner was over…my stomach looked like this:

I kid, I kid…this was taken before dinner. LOL. Don’t mind the confused look on my face…my mom and sis were taking pics at the same time,  I was looking from camera to camera.

I have NO idea why I look much more tan in the second picture?

My belly is SO pointy.

I think I may be giving birth to a Conehead 😉


Friday, I trained one client…like I said before. Then I just relaxed at home for a bit before Michael and I went to an early movie:

WOW! This was NOT for the faint of heart. It was really powerful, and VERY well done. James Franco was amazing….I had to close my eye during one of the scenes…but got pretty choked up in the end. I won’t give anything away though. This movie is based on a true story, an absolutely unbelievable true story. I highly recommend it…and if you have a weak stomach, there is about 5 minutes of the movie at the end  where you should close your eyes. Other than that, it’s a remarkable film.

After the movie, we went to HIS favorite restaurant (which I can take or leave), Maggianos. It’s right next to the movie theater, so I couldn’t put up a fight. We split a salad, he had chicken parm and I got a gnocchi appetizer…there was nothing else I could really stomach. The only other thing I like there are the mussels, and I was not ion the mood for them at all.

We have been wanting to get a video camera for when the baby comes…it was still Black Friday, so we decided to try our luck and head over to Best Buy after dinner to see what deals they had. Well, we lucked out and ended up getting a nice camera for a great price! Expect some Vlogs in the future..and LOTS of Munchkin videos (as soon as I figure out how to download videos onto the computer):

I hate instruction manuals…I would rather someone just show we how to use it. I am very impatient much more of a visual learner. I can’t just be told, and I can’t just read about it…I need to see it and be told, or learn from experience/ figure it out on my own. Being the technical one in the family….it can present problems when my patience runs out.

Did you score any great deals on Black Friday??

The deals aren’t over…today is Cyber Monday!

How was your weekend??? Did you see any good movies?

What kind of learner are you??

Have a great day!


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