Licking My Chops…

by laury on September 12, 2011 · 27 comments

Thank you so much for sharing your “where I was” stories yesterday. I felt very emotional all day, as I am sure many American’s did. I started watching CNN yesterday morning around 8:30 and it was weird knowing at 8:56 that 10 years ago, to the minute was when the first plane hit. It was hard seeing all the families that lost loved ones. My heart goes out to them. Michael and I watched the documentary a man was making on the fireman when it just so happened to be the day of the attack. It was very interesting and although I always knew they were heroes and were absolutely incredible that day…I have a whole new respect for them. Especially seeing what some of them are going through today.I went back and found Howard Sterns broadcast and listened to it again. I was wrong about interviewing Pam…he was talking about her. Anyway..he did a nice job. It was like listening to a regular person telling you what was happening.

 On a lighter note…we had a pretty decent weekend.

My highlight….

I made Oh She Glows Roasted Tomato Basil Pesto

When she posted it last week I could almost taste those tomatoes and knew I just HAD to make it!!!

I pretty much followed it exactly exactly with a few very slight changes.

Instead of whole wheat pasta I did it over zucchini pasta.

Give yourself enough prep time because the tomatoes roast for a while. Mine took about an hour and 5 minutes.

Instead of using raw garlic (which doesn’t agree with me) I roasted two cloves in with the tomatoes for about 30 minutes

Measured out some tightly packed basil:

I liked how she uses something other than pine nuts.

When you grind it up you can smell a “cheesy” flavor. Between that and the noosh it makes a nice addition to the pesto:

I also added a sprinkle of red pepper flakes to add a little spice. Angela said that she used a good amount of salt, and I am not a salt person but it when I tried to use a little I ended up adding the amount she recommended.

SUCH great flavor.


This isn’t necesarry but if you are making zucchini pasta and want to soften it…all you do it begin to boil a little water. Just simmer it until it starts to bubble. Remove it from the heat then pour it over the zucchini pasta for 10-20 minutes:

Dry it really well using a salad spinner or paper towels then add your sauce:

Oh She Glows Roasted Tomato Basil Pesto

Make it. You will not be disappointed!

I had the leftovers for lunch today. Totally licking my chops 😉


My friend, Jen is hosting another FREE teleseminar on 5 ways gluten sneaks into your diet. If you are GF or recently found out that you need to avoid it I would sign up! It’s THIS Wednesday September 14 at 7 PM ET.

What was the best blogger dish (from another blog) you made recently??? Or what blogger dish are you pining over?


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