Chocolate Ganache

by laury on November 1, 2011 · 23 comments

Good Morning!

Thanks for the compliments on the Weezus’ costumes. Michael wanted her to be a bumblebee since she was in the womb. Then my mother in law saw the pink leopard costume which was perfect [based on it being a combination of my favorite animal and my favorite color]. So I had both! Win-win all around!

If you aren’t all sweet-toothed-out [don’t hate on the misuse of proper English]; you will love my recipe today! It’s a sweet little treat you can have a spoonful of alone, add to your favorite dessert, top your cookies with or make a cookie sandwich!


I did a few things with my chocolate ganache. I added it to a mini filo dough cup that I got at HLS [been meaning to try them].


I rolled 1/2 tsp of it into Averies raw vegan chocolate chip cookie dough balls [note: I used 2 dates in place of the agave, added a dash of cinnamon, then everything else was the same]

You can use this to just dip fruit in, like slice some banana and top it off with ganache, or even on triple the recipe and place on top of cupcake or another favorite dessert…

…because, well, chocolate goes with everything!


Raw Vegan Chocolate Ganache



See you tomorrow with the best idea [I think] I’ve had in a long time. Something that’s fun to eat…and a sneaky way for a vegetarian/vegan/omnivore to get some good protein! You all may not be too impressed but I can’t wait to make it again!

Baking question for my Gluten Free friends….how do you feel about GF flours in cookie recipes. I know it can be good in breads but am really nervous about converting some of my cookie [biscotti] recipes to GF. I want to do it for friends that can’t have gluten, but don’t want them to be nasty. Advice???? What’s your favorite replacement??

Friends that are into spinning….so I haven’t taken a spinning class in hmmm….this is embarrassing…14 years? Last time I took it I was 16 and I hated it so much I never went back. I hate cycling at the gym in general. That and my PT schedule never allows me to do any of the good classes because I always have clients during those times. I am thinking of giving it another shot. If I hate indoor biking do you think I will hate spin? Or does it all lye in the instructor like most fitness classes?

I’m off to see some clients then get my workout on! Chest and Back with some HIIT 😀


Enjoy your Tuesday!



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