Friday 5 ~ Workout of the Week 11/11/11

by laury on November 11, 2011 · 20 comments

Happy 11/11/11!!!!

Make a wish :-)

Perform a dynamic warm-up for 10 minutes. Challenge yourself with the following circuit of 5 exercises with minimal rest between.


1. Burpee Push-Up Hop [beginners try knee push ups to plank, advanced regular push-ups or 1 leg]-perform 5 total


2. Walking Side Squat [advanced place a resistance band under your feet] –perform 15 each way


3. Power Jax -as many as you can for 1 minute


4. Seated Bicycle Crunch -20 forward and 20 backwards [40 crunches total]


5. The Ab Rower -as many as you can for 1 minute


Run through this circuit once, twice or as many as you can handle! Git at it!! Always cool down and stretch from head to toe when complete! Foam rolling is a plus!

**disclaimer-always consult a physician before entering into a new exercise program. This and all exercises posted on this site are to be performed at your own risk! If you feel any pain or discomfort while exercising you should stop and seek medical assistance.**

As far as yesterdays post I was very disappointed that none of my readers “got ” the lotion joke. Apparently I am either bad at subtly or none of you have those annoying kiasks at your mall. Every single mall I have ever been to I have been harassed every time I walk by to take a sample…then “CAN I ASK YOU A QUESTION??” [Seriously I’ve had it happen at like 5 different malls] I never say yes. My  sister did once. It was bad news. Mild hand groping, possible entrapment [conspiracy!] and $120. hand lotion and cuticle care products were  involved. I am seriously intrigued as to what the “question” that they want to ask me. I am even more afraid to give in though. I was hoping one of you knew the answer.


Have you learned of any new exercise moves lately that you are loving?? Links welcome!!!

Let me know if you try the above!

PS–I posted my 6 month progress pics


Have a great weekend!



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