Coconut Milk Whipped Cream

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Howzit today, all?

Tomorrow I {hope to?}  have a fab healthy chocolaty treat for you. I wanted to share with you some tips on one component of the recipe before it’s posted though….

I’ve been trying to make coconut whip for years. Morgan always told me to scrape the top of the can after I froze it, but I always ended up making a mess, cutting up my fingers, and feeling like I was at war  with the damn can. Then I tried freezing it, letting it thaw, and try to separate the coconut milk but it still ended up coming out flat.

Over the holidays I made several desserts and wanted to make a healthier, non-dairy whipped topping to go with them. So, I gave the coconut whip another go.

Now, my method isn’t too labor intensive but you have to plan ahead. If I figure out exactly how long you need to freeze it for it to come out perfectly and ready to whip…I will surely share. For now…here’s how I got it done:


For a visual…I froze a can of full fat coconut milk for several hours. (Edit: You can leave the can in the refrigerator overnight for a better, easier result)

Also, freeze the metal bowl and whip attachments for your mixer.

Take the can out and remove the top and bottom of the can.

Press out the lump of frozen coconut milk:


One end is going to look white and creamy[<—the |healthy| fat], and the other end is going to be lighter and more like cloudy frozen water(?)


Lay the log on a cutting board and VERY carefully with a sharp knife slice off the lighter end and toss it out. Keep the creamy looking end and thaw it out in the fridge.



When it’s thawed enough for whipping (you can still have some frozen chunks), take your bowel and whip attachment out of the freezer, place the coconut milk in the bowl with a teaspoon of vanilla extract and  4-6 drops of liquid stevia (or to taste), and 2+Tablespoons of arrowroot powder (or cornstarch) then whip it as high as your mixer goes for several minutes. I let it mix in my kitchen aid for like 3 or 4 minutes. If you want it  even thicker you could try adding more arrowroot and sugargradually until you reach your desired consistency. I was trying to keep the sugar content low/non existant.



Now make it up, keep it in your fridge until I come back with another recipe Winking smile

It’s nothing too fancy, and it’s been done before. In fact I’ve made some version on here of it at least twice. However, this recent version was just incredible. It involves Ella’s very favorite food combo….and chocolate. Love.



This week I am focusing on old school training. I’m warming up using tabata intervals and doing lots of jump rope and cardio drills between sets. Not as hard with the jumping lately because my IT band is beyond tight and my knees are feeling the backlash.

Foam rolling isn’t doing the trick (although I know I should be doing it daily and I’m not). I plan on making an appointment with my chiro who does a lot of  myofascial release. I can’t let this affect my training!

Monday I did my tabata jump rope warm-up and a Chest/Triceps workout. Tuesday was a tabata warm-up, heavy duty back and biceps workout and 2 miles on the elliptical (low impact for the knees). Funny thing is, the jumping and  leg workouts never bother my knees. It’s the treadmill that kills me…

I started really noticing the pain last Thursday. I did an awesome HIIT workout with lots of lunges, one legged bosu squats and a few other nasty moves. The workout didn’t bother me, but I tried running some intervals on the treadmill(which I have been doing more of lately) and immediately I was hurting. Michael was next to me and he was like “you look like you’re in pain” This just confirms how much running and I do NOT get along. It happens every time I try to incorporate it into my routine. My knees hate me. It must be something with my gait and how tight I am. Yoga’s been great, but obvi not great enough to get me running again. Like I really care. Well, maybe I do a little.

Talk soon!!

Random question…

My iPhone’s the best thing that’s happened to nursing time. I sit in Ella’s nursery, rock her to sleep, and Michael and I battle each other in words with friends:


Last week when we were on “vacation” I  would sit in there an hour or so after she falls asleep to play my games. It’s bad.

What’s your favorite game app? I LOATH angry birds. Worst 0.99 cents I ever spent. It’s impossible! So frustrating. I don’t get the hype. I LOVE “hanging with friends.” That’s my game!

Have a great day! My next client cancelled so I am going to do some pilates at home while Weezus naps!



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