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So yesterday my mom was picking up my brother from RIT so I had to switch my morning clients, meaning I got to try and take Ella to the gym with me. Key word here is “try.” She’s going through this separation anxiety phase right now. Poor thing. We went in, and it was funny seeing the big macho guys  fuss over her. I’m usually there just myself so none of my gym friends really got to meet her yet. We went into the play area, and she was the only kid in there today. The girl is really sweet and there are tons of toys and a big wide area for Ella to crawl around in! Way more space than we have at home. I snuck out since last time I was there she was fine until she saw me through the window. This time, I left her in the room and went into the locker room to throw my stuff down. I was dressed just had to take off my rain boots and throw on some sneakers. I walked across the gym to grab my jump rope to warm up and I heard her. There’s a glass window and she was freaking out. I know other moms let their babies cry, but I couldn’t do it. Not only for Ella but for Emily, the babysitter. It was not even 5 minutes and she was practically hyperventilating! It was so sad! I held her, rubbed her back, calmed her down and she would not let go of me. I stayed in there for a little and she seemed to warm up to Emily so once she was having fun with the toys I tried again. Well, the second she realized I was gone it was another freak out. I went back and got my $5.00 worth by just playing with her in there for 15-20 minutes. Poor baby girl. I missed one workout–not the end of the world.

I know that Michael and I are her world right now but I am sometimes worry about the fact that she’s so attached and gets that worked up when I leave the room! I mean, I love that she loves me, and I know one day she’s going to be a teenager and want me no where near me, so I am embracing it. I am so incredibly in love with her too that it just melts my heart when she nuzzles up on my shoulder. I want her to socialize though. So I am hoping when there are kids around it wont be too bad?? Moms, did how did you deal with this phase? I think it may be worse since she is not in daycare and only has her small inner circle of people she trusts.

she knows when we’re getting ready to go out now–but is cool with Grammy chilling with her for the night

okay—enough baby talk–onto business….

It’s March!

I’ve always hated March.

Usually the winter is really long and cold and by mid-February I am so over it and ready for Spring. March is usually the month that’s in the way for me. Kind of like—can’t we just skip it and go straight to April?

Well, I can’t really complain this year since we had such a mild winter!

Regardless, people are still beginning to taste summer vacations, the beach, lounging at the pool, barbecue’s, and my birthday. Come on, I know you all think about Christmas in July {because of me}!

Okay…anyway..I had an idea for something we can do between now and then to keep ourselves occupied and motivated to not only look our best, but to feel our best once playtime arrives.



What’s the 100 days til’ summer challenge?

It’s workouts, recipes, motivation, breaking bad habits, tips, facts, no excuses.

It’s adding a healthy habit or removing an unhealthy habit from your life. It’s trying new things. It’s anything you want it to be! Whatever you want to take from it!

As long as I’ve been in the fitness industry, which is over 10 years, I’ve observed that the one thing that motivates people most is wanting to look better. I hate to say it but it’s true. Not all of the time, but most of the time. If I want to get a client with high blood pressure to eat less salt—scaring them with hypertension doesn’t usually work. I’m not even lying {because there’s drugs for that, duh}. Once I say something like “you will feel less bloated and look slimmer if you cut down on the sodium”—guess what? They cut it out! Sad but true.

100 days til’ “summer” would usually be associated with “bikini ready” or beach ready but I want it to be more than that! I want to be better overall. There are many things I want to improve in my life outside of fitness and nutrition and I hope to continue to work on them over the next few months.

I challenge you to incorporate healthier habits for your health and how it makes you feel first, and for how you will look on the beach this summer, well, wherever you’re really going to rank it.

What will  I be posting over those 100 days!???

I’ll come up with something.

No seriously though…this is where I’ll need your help!

I want to know…what do you think are your biggest vices? Is it knowing where to start? Staying motivated? Do you make excuses? Are you too hard on yourself? Do you put yourself down?

What motivates you? What keeps you going? How did you get to the next level?How do you balance family, work, fitness?

We can help each other out!

Some goal topics in mind:

  • make sugar cravings your bitch
  • breaks unhealthy habits
  • stay on track with your fitness
  • get more sleep
  • build confidence
  • improve body image
  • try new things
  • get organized! {<–where I personally need help!}

I will be asking for help from bloggers and readers to share your motivational advice. More details next week!

Okay….Let’s do it! Who’s in???

What healthy habit are you trying to incorporate into your life… or what unhealthy habits are you trying to break?


Chat soon!


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