No “One Size Fits All” Diet or Workout here.


“There is no one way of eating that is right for everyone all the time.
There is no final arriving, rather continual learning.” -Thea O’Connor

Food Philosophy

Diet is a Way of Life. Not a means to “get thin, quick.” Just because a diet (again, way of life) works for one person, does not mean it will work for everyone.


I hate labels… I am still figuring out my own path, so I’m not here to judge, or tell you what is going to work for you…number one, and number two, you have to listen to your own body, make your own decisions on how you are going to live your life! Hopefully I can help you to make the healthiest choices within the lifestyle you choose! Or help give any information I can, or point you in the appropriate direction when trying to figure out what path that may be! I’m still learning…and am here to share the direction I am going in, give a little of my own insight, knowledge, guidance, facts I come across, and any delicious recipes I find along the way!

Overall Universal Philosophy:


Exercise Philosophy

Everyone is different. Be careful before you mimic. Find an exercise program that you can stick with, that is right for you, that is right for the stage you are in.The Key to success is to find things you enjoy doing, most days of the week. Again, I am here to share my knowledge on exercise, what I am doing, tips, facts and any fun workouts I think you will enjoy…however, I do not consider myself an expert, and everyone is at a different level, and the workouts I post are not always appropriate for everyone.

Remember, just because you were able to do something at age 25, does NOT mean you should be trying it at age 55.  And sometimes the 55 year old may run circles around the 25 year old! I know I have a few clients that could hold their own against someone 30yrs younger 😉

Try to be active as often as possible (it doesn’t always have to be a grueling workout either), do not make exercise into a stressful thing, exercise should be a stress-reliever.

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