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Disclaimer. Always consult your health care provider before entering into a new fitness or nutrition program.

Fitness Posts

A Secret to Strong Abs

Exercises to Correct Posture Problems & Muscle Imbalances

Fat vs. Muscle & Body Fat Scales

Following Through with an Exercise Program


Strength Training for Optimal Results

5 Contraindicated Exercises to Avoid

Exercises & Workouts

Friday 5’s  & Favorite Workouts:

20 Minute Quick HIIT

150 Rep Workout

Anywhere HIIT Body Weight Workout

Ab Circuit

5 Ways to use Tabata Intervals

HIIT Hop 20 Workout

HIIT the Core Workout

Killer Arm Workout

Killer Leg Workout

Post-Stuffing Bootcamp

10/21/11 Workout of the Week

11/11/11 Workout of the week

Pumpkin Booty Workout

“Push-It” HIIT Workout

Booty Buster <-warning puke alert!

The Stud Workout

Sexy Shoulder Burn Core Workout

Moves and Other Workout Posts:

5-5-5- Squat Jumps

Balance Ball Knee Drive

Balance Ball Roll-Out

Ball Squeeze & Lift

Ball Lower Body Toner

Ball Upper Body Dive

Beginner TRX Exercises

Burpee w/ Knee Push-Up

Explosive Planks

Five Core Moves

Five Glute (Butt) Exercises

Five Kettlebell Exercises

Five Resistance band Exercises

Frog Jumps

One Legged Kettle bell Deadlift

Foam Roller Squat & Roll-Up

Friday Five Medicine Ball Exercises

Friday Five Equipment-Less Workout

Quickie Interval Drill

Scissor Lunge

Muscle Fibers & Athletic Ability

Keeping It Fresh–Exercise Spin-Offs

Kettlebell Sling Shot

Medicine Ball Push-Ups

Single Leg Straight Leg Deadlift


Strength Training for Optimal Results

Step-Ups w/ Iso Overhead Press

Stretches For the Office

T-Stabilization with the Foam Roller

Quick Power Circuit

Mini Outdoor Workout

Yoga Tree Lateral Lunge


Combat PMS and Bloating

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