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Detox Your Life

Do you want to master your metabolism, quit eating sugar, lose that extra bloat, feel more energized and live to your full healthy potential?

Sign up for my 30 Day metabolic sugar detox and finally gain control of your cravings, and your life!

I will help you find the foods that work best with your body, deconstruct cravings, and build a better relationship with food!

If you would like to become more in-tune with your bodies needs, develop healthier habits and lose that “diet” mentality for good, then you have come to the right place!

Sometimes we just need to hit the reset button. We are all so different and are in different places with our food and our health. When working one on one with me I can help you at a level that is going to work for your best success.

If you’re ready to change your life, or simply feel you need a good “reset” email me:




Virtual Personal Training Programs

I have had a lot of success working with driven clients all around the globe! I do not believe in a one size fits all diet or workout plan, so as challenging as it may be to work with clients  via the web, (I can not perform all the fitness testing I would normally take clients through to determine fitness level), it’s been proven to be successful motivating driven clients! I will work with you  after an initial consultation, detailed questionnaire & interview. We will go over a complete health history form, exercise history, goals, entire dietary history &  habits (physical and emotional eating), exercise equipment availability, and activity preference, then I will work with you to  re-vamping your workout program!



I am available for online coaching sessions to clients all around the globe. Services offered include phone (In US) & online chat consultations,  personalized fitness programs, nutrition coaching, grocery & meal planning support, deconstructing cravings, and personalized tips, advice and  email support.

For clients in Plymouth-Whitemarsh, Conshohocken, Blue Bell & The Main Line outside of Philadelphia, I offer in person consultations, in-home personal training, cabinet clean-out,  grocery shopping , nutrition & healthy eating & coaching. To see if I am available  for in person consultations and training sessions in your area, please contact me:



“Laury Raiken is a girl’s best friend!!  Since I started working out with Laury (3 years ago), I have lost weight, inches, and discovered a new respect for my body.  I am stronger, and my friends tell me that I look better than I have in years! Laury is fun to work out with but she is also incredibly knowledgeable. She insists on perfect form which means less chance of injury. I turned my husband on to her and now he is addicted, too!” -S.W., Blue Bell, PA


“Laury is doing what she loves, and it shows.  I love her dedication to her craft – not all Trainers are created equal! She knows how to mix it up and keep it interesting.  She cares for you both as a client and as a person.  As good a Trainer as she is, she’s an even better human being.  Laury is my Trainer for life.” -KK, Lower Gwynedd, PA


“Laury is great for men too. She is fun to work out with and you will get great results as well. She knows her stuff!” – Mark Weinstein, DMD Landsdale, PA


“Laury makes working out fun.  She varies the exercises so I never get bored. Exercise is important, but I need the motivation that Laury provides.  I have been working out with her for about 2 years and I look forward to our sessions.”  -JoAnn F. Ambler, PA


“I have worked out my whole life. Laury has helped me totally change my routine and helped me sculpt my muscles. I feel great and I cannot thank Laury enough for helping me..”

-Lisa K., Lafayette Hill, PA


“Laury is quite possibly the friendliest and the best person I’ve ever worked with… And there have been a bunch! Her tireless energy and enthusiasm makes working out fun and more like hanging with a friend than being a generic client. Thanks Laur- for everything… ”

-B.M., Bala Cynwyd, PA


“I am very lucky to have Laury as my personal trainer. I am in my late 40’s and need someone to drive me to my fitness goals. Laury is the consummate professional but keeps the sessions enjoyable and challenging. I hope she remembers me when she becomes famous.”

-A.H., Wayne, PA


“I’ve been working out with Laury since August 2003. I find that she is enthusiastic, understanding, and always happy to modify the workout to suit my aging knees. I have certainly become stronger over the past year, which is due to Laury’s carefully planned sessions.”

-Fran K., Lafayette Hill, PA


“Laury has change my life as well as my body. And she did it with a variety of physical challanges seasoned with patience, skill, prodding and laughter, lots of laughter. At 50 years of age I now have a stronger body and greater endurance than I did as a younger woman. I can even pass by a mirror now and not cringe! I have found my fountain of youth and her name is Laury.” -Karen F., Blue Bell, PA


“I was never an exercise enthusiast. I did it because I had to! Now I look forward to having Laury come and direct my fitness program. Not only is the workout interesting, Laury knows the answers to all of my fitness questions. She is on top of the latest information on exercise and diet, and she knows how to adjust the fitness program to individual needs. I would recommend Body Sculpt to anyone looking for a personal trainer. ”   -Renee B., Villanova PA


“Working out with Laury has been the best thing I have ever done for myself! She is a great trainer and very knowledgeable about diet and nutrition. Working out with Laury is fun, it feels like spending time with one of your girlfriends! She is so motivating and encouraging. She is getting me in the best shape of my life for my wedding day. For any Brides out there, it is a great stress relief while planning your big day! Laury is the best! I would recommend her to anyone! ”   -Kristy O., Conshohocken, PA


“Body Sculpt Sports and Fitness is the way to go. The individual, come to your home is the perfect exercise routine for me. No stinky gyms, no embarrassment because you cannot fit into those skinny workout suits. Body Sculpt employees have helped get back my confidence and my body in shape. I have tried all diets (Adkins, south beach, weight watchers, diet pills) and have spent money on all those fast tract exercise videos and equipment but have never got the results I have gotten with Laury. She gives you that extra push to do more and the want to do more. Body Sculpt not only makes me push to the extreme of fitness they also have helped me gain the knowledge of FOOD , what to eat and what not to eat, when to eat it and when not to. Before I thought I was eating properly but found out that I was not eating enough and not enough fiber. With the counseling and friendly encouragement I have lost approximately 14 inches. I am far from losing my goal in inches but know with the help of my personal trainer I will get there. Body Sculpt is the way to go if you know you need someone to push you into something you know is best for you, contact them and be on your way to a better you like me. Body Sculpt Sport & Fitness is the best!! ”

-Sheila V., Plymouth Meeting, PA




-Dale Bloom Taylor (Head tennis professional), Ft Washington, PA


“I have been training with Laury for only a short time, but the difference has been tremendous. I am stronger, look better and am thoroughly satisfied with BodySculpt’s services.”

-Andrew K., Lafayette Hill, PA


I can’t tell you how impressed I have been with Laury and BodySculpt. I am the manager of a business in Malvern called Starting Forever and she is a vendor that we refer to our clients. Our clients have been thrilled with her. Laury is always enthusiastic and it shows through her glowing attitude that she loves what she does. I can’t recommed her enough!! Thanks Laury! -Joy V., Malvern PA


“Laury’s knowledge and passion about fitness is a true testament to their talent. Not only do I feel and look great, but I know a lot more. Thank you,
Body Sculpt. Two thumbs up!!!”    -Bryan D., King of Prussia, PA


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