Operation Post Baby Booty



Many of you followed along to watch me grow! Now I want you to watch me shrink!

I’ve been working hard, but staying some-what relaxed as I try to get back into shape after having my beautiful little girl. It took 10 months to grow like this and beyond. It will probably take about a year or longer to feel myself again. I will say that I do feel great at this point and am completely happy with my progress. It was rough when things were at a standstill after the initial weight loss in the very beginning, but this past month I have seen great changes!

Currently I am at a healthy weight for my height and at this point my goal is to just get stronger, tone and build a little more  muscle!

Here I am at the end of my pregnancy:

Here is my progress so far!

{once I have more of a tan I will update my recent progress since the 8month pics 😉 }

Body Image After Baby Part 1

Body Image After Baby Part 2

Weight Loss & Breastfeeding

Workouts & Progress

left 4 months postpartum; right 8 months postpartum

left 2 months postpartum; right 9 months postpartum

Pregnancy Weight Loss

Total Weight Gained: 44 pounds

[pre-pregnancy BMI was 18.5]

Total Weight Loss to-date: 42

Inches lost: 16  1/4

[current BMI: 20]

I have not done my body fat measurements; although I wish I had from the beginning. I am not a fan of using BMI but wanted to give you and example. I know what my percentage was pre pregnancy so when I get my post pregnancy measurements I can give you an idea of my progress as far as that goes!


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