Second Pregnancy: 20 Weeks

April 15, 2014

Tweet My Pregnancy: 20 Weeks I am starting to pop a little! I know it still looks tiny upside down, naturally, everything shrinks that way. Ironically, I do feel a little smaller than I did at this point with Ella. I did not feel that way several weeks ago. I totally anticipated popping super quick […]

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The Best Oven Roasted Brussels Sprouts

April 9, 2014

Tweet One of our favorite vegetables in our house are Brussels sprouts. It’s funny because, as a child, I wanted nothing to do with them. In fact, they made me gag. As an adult, I figured out that it is all in how you prepare them! Do you have issues getting your husband to eat […]

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It’s A……

April 6, 2014

Tweet “Oh No!” Said the Weez who insisted she was getting a “baby sister” But, really,  she’s super excited Yay! We took the Weez to my Ultrasound last Thursday. She was the cutest, all dressed up in pink, with her pink sunglasses and pink pocketbook, waiting to see her “baby sister or baby brother.” I […]

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Second Pregnancy: 18 Weeks

March 30, 2014

Tweet Upside down belly shot of the week: We started doing it against the yellow wall, instead of the curtain, because you can start to see a little pooch there! Belly is growing and I am loving it! We did a right-side up shot for once so you can see… My Pregnancy: 18 Weeks I’m […]

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Second Pregnancy: 16 weeks

March 18, 2014

Tweet Hey! How are you guys? I am stopping by to make a couple of updates about my pregnancy this week! I am feeling SO much better, my uterus has straightened out and that issue I spoke about last time is gone. Good stuff. Here’s my bi-weekly upside down belly shot. It still disappears once […]

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Cinnamon Apple Raisin Mini Muffins {Grain-Free}

March 11, 2014

Tweet Hey Guys! Two posts in one week. How exciting! After yesterday’s pregnancy information overload, today I am going to keep it short and sweet. One of my favorite things to make for my little Ella Weez are these portable grain-free mini muffins. I know my basic recipe by heart by now, and always switch […]

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Second Pregnancy: 14 Weeks

March 9, 2014

Tweet Hey Everyone! I thought I would pop in and give a pregnancy update. My intention is to try and write something every other week, because it was really nice to look back on my old pregnancy updates from last time! So much has changed this time around as well. How I am feeling, how […]

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How Life’s Little Luxuries (and Getting Enough Sleep!) Can Brighten Your Day

February 17, 2014

Tweet the following is a sponsored post: Do you feel like you never have enough time in the day to relax and truly unwind? I know I do! Working crazy hours at three jobs, squeezing in exercise, cooking, cleaning, writing, and above all, being a wife and mom can take a lot out of a […]

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Here We Go Again!

February 3, 2014

Tweet Here on the east coast we just keep getting hammered with snow and frigid temps. Again, and again, and again. I was kind of in denial with the snow we were supposed to get today. Was looking forward to getting in the studio and practicing this morning, after teaching about 8 classes this week. […]

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Soft & Chewy Chunky Monkey Breakfast Cookies {Grain, Nut & Dairy-Free with No Added Sweetener!}

November 19, 2013

Tweet It has been a while since I have tinkered with baking recipes in the kitchen. Between the move, and really cutting out sugar and sweeteners from my diet (and with our FlowTox, we really try to away from the “pseudo-desserts”) I haven’t been doing much experimenting. However, with the holidays now approaching I am […]

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