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I am bummed that I haven’t had much time to update here. Life has been happening, all good stuff! Jaxon is doing wonderfully. We have gotten the hang of  having two little angels to take care of. It’s definitely hectic but so much fun. Ella is amazing, she grows up more and more each day and we are taking in every moment because it goes by so fast!



I will check back in later and give a life and fitness update (I also have a new recipe I want to share before the holidays!) because today I have a fantastic review and giveaway again!


If you followed along while I was pregnant I spoke about my interest in doing belly binding postpartum. I kept in pretty great shape during my last pregnancy and I had read that the exercise I was doing may have made me more susceptible to diastasis recti. I was trying to be careful, but the exercise I was doing involved a lot of core engagement. You would think that would be great, but not always the case. (I am trying to find the study I saw citing this, will have to update this post later when I do!)

Aside from help with preventing ab separation I was interested in belly binding to help me feel more put together after birth. I remember feeling so exposed after Ella was born, insecure, and it was affecting my posture and state of mind. My back was killing me from holding a baby hours on end, and I had time with core engagement…and now I was going to have two to carry around. I thought it would help give me support.


Where can I even begin.

It has taken me a while to write this post because there is so much I want to say (and so little time to type it ha!)  I was fortunate enough to have Bellefit send me their bunds package of the postpartum corset and zipper girdles. I was really nervous about the sizing because I was pregnant when I ordered them. They have an incredible sizing system that was ON POINT!


 ^Bellefit zipper corset (photo credit





(Bellefit corset girdle)

I had a really great experience with this company. I started using this when I got home from the hospital. My only reservation was wearing the crotch closure after a vaginal birth. It was a little uncomfortable that first week so I just left it unhooked and pulled the sides down on my hips.  After that it was fine and I even went for walks wearing it and did some other forms of exercise around the house!

The bundle package was great. Even though they sized me in the same size for both girdles (I was initially thinking/hoping they would send one in a size bigger for right after birth) it worked out great. I started with the side zipper corset. The sizing was perfect. There are two eye hook latch sizes and I started with the wider one and was able to make it tighter as time went on. After week one I moved into the corset on the widest part first (it had 3 levels of hooks), and after about a week I moved to the tightest level. I would hand wash one while I wore the other. It worked out great! I wore these night and day because they felt really good to wear!

I went on tons of message boards and even asked you all here about your experience with postpartum girdles before deciding to try one. I am so grateful I found Bellefit and that they wanted to work with me because all of the great things I read were true!


I feel weird about posting these photos but one of the great benefits of this product is how it reduces swelling and water retention. I saw the most results from day 3 to day 10. Pretty crazy how weird the belly looks a few days after birth…that flat front where the baby’s bum used to be ;-) It is recommended that you wear these as soon as you can after coming back from the hospital with doctor’s approval, and then day and night for 30 days.






The product itself was made of very durable material. Extremely well made and worked great as your size shrunk. I felt a lot of support. I didn’t experience back pain like I did after the delivery of my first child, and was better able to engage my abdominal muscles this time around. I would HIGLY recommend Bellefit to any pregnant mamas that asked about it!


Today I have an AWESOME giveaway for you! Bellefit offered to give one of my lucky readers their BUNDLE you will get TWO girdles to try!  Just enter below!


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The winner will be chosen at random via raffle copter next Friday 12/19/14. I will email the winner by Monday 12/22/14 to let them know! Best of luck!


Hi there!

I am updating you all a little on life with baby #2! Including a bit about how nursing and pumping are going. If you’re just here for the Ameda Purely Yours review and giveaway just scroll to the bottom of this post ;-)


I can’t believe my little man is already 7 weeks old!

We missed his 1 month photo on the blog, but here it is:


He just melts my heart.


photo 3

Life with Jaxon: He’s such a good baby. I am loving being home right now. As a second time mom I feel MUCH more relaxed this time around. Right now it’s my  job to just get no sleep and cater to every need of this baby. What I mean is, it is just nice not having to worry about going to work right now, I can just focus on the kids and recovering. From the time we got home from the hospital (my stay is a blur now), he was getting up every 2 hours. Each wake-up call was about a 45 minute ordeal of feeding, burping, getting him back to sleep. We had issues finding diapers that worked (we finally have found good ones since) and half the time he would be soaked and get more woken up than I would have liked.  Luckily, as of two days ago he started sleeping through the night! He wants to get in his crib by 9:30 (we are much more routine oriented this time around. With Ella, a mistake we made was not establishing routines because our living situation was not ideal and my schedule was all over the place)  He then gets up at 5:30, which I don’t mind because I am getting a lot done in the morning after we wake up, nurse/burp/pump/play/change/sit in bouncy seat. I was never a morning person and this forces me to be! The most challenging thing is going out with the two of them but we are getting the hang of it. Nursing is going GREAT, and I will update you on details of that in a moment…



Life with Big Sister Weezy: She’s amazing. I am just obsessed with this little girl. I don’t even know where to begin with this one. She grew up SO much the second Jaxon was born. She’s been so good with him, no jealousy. Everyone’s been doing such a great job of making her feel special. Almost too special. She’s starting to think every time someone comes over that she’s getting a new present ;-) When it’s her mom mom, this is true. When I was pregnant Ella was a little extra clingy. I was also getting sad at the end thinking about how she was not going to be my only child and we may lose some time together, especially in the beginning with the demands of a newborn. That hasn’t really been the case. She’s been my little helper and since Jaxon has been such a good baby, Ella and I get to do a lot together (and when I can’t she’s daddy’s little girl. They are SUPER close). The best part of all this is she is now sleeping in her own bed ALL night. Up until Jaxon was born she has been in our bed. Once he came home, about a week after, SHE came up to us and said “I have an idea! Jaxon sleep in his crib, you (talking to me) sleep with daddy, and I sleep in my big girl bed since I am a big sister now!” Wow, okay! You have no idea what this meant. For 3 years she told us “her back hurt, she couldn’t sleep in her bed she had to sleep with mom and dad.” Literally, anytime you would ask. We didn’t want to make it about the baby so we didn’t push it and I just slept in her bed with Jaxon when we came home from the hospital. Now everything is about her being a big sister. She started Pre-K three days after Jaxon was born, with a new playground and all…she really thinks all this happened because she’s a big sister and has been acting accordingly. Even looking at photos from her 3rd birthday I can’t believe how much she’s grown up! The most interesting thing is finding Ella’s stuffed dolls and animals all over the house wrapped in Jaxon’s diapers and onesies he’s grown out of. :-)

How am I feeling: Good! GIVE ME ALL THE FOOD! Nursing has me so hungry. Seriously. People don’t give enough credit to postpartum hunger. Pregnant I wasn’t that hungry, there was no room for food. Now I am a bottomless pit. It has calmed down a little but the first 4-5 weeks especially it was insatiable! While I keep all healthy stuff around, I just snack much more. I lost half of what I gained and don’t expect to lose the rest anytime soon. No rush. My body holds onto padding while nursing and I am grateful for it. I hate the scale, but to give you a measure I am 12 pounds away from my pre-pregnancy weight and still am wearing maternity jeans/shorts. Not zippering my skinny jeans anytime soon ;-)

Still a little sore. I was pretty exhausted at times as expected. It has gotten so much better this week. While I didn’t mind and completely expected the no sleep thing, I would be lying if I said I didn’t have one or two mini meltdowns at 4am pleading to just get 1 more hour of sleep. It takes its toll when you get 30-45 mins of shut-eye between several wake up calls…. every.single.night. That 4am time was always the toughest! Then he would stretch until 6:30 after that. With Ella I could sleep during the day with her. In fact that was all I did the first 6 weeks because it was all I could do. Now thats out of the question and I don’t want to. There’s always stuff I want and need to get done around the house and with Weez. Honestly though. After 3 nights of him sleeping through the night now I feel like a new woman. The first night I got a 6 1/2 hour stretch of sleep (he slept 8 hours) I felt like I had gotten 10 hours of sleep! I am grateful because I know he was waking up so much to help him grow and help my milk supply. And it worked!

I had my 6 week postpartum check-up last week. It went well except where I tore it has not healed properly in one spot. My doctor thinks it may have been the way I was stitched up? It makes sense because that one spot still hurts when I lean towards it sitting. As bad as my recovery was with Ella, by 7 week I don’t think I was sore down there at all. This recovery was a 180, but I am still feeling it. I have an appointment in 4 weeks to get it burned off with silver (ouch) so fingers crossed it miraculously goes away before then.

I go back to work first week in November. I am excited to teach again, but also sad to not be a SAHM anymore. I LOVE what I do and wouldn’t have it any other way. I am lucky to not be going back to an office 8-6 job. My schedule is choppy and working most nights is not ideal but we are going to make it work. I will still be home in time to get Jaxon’s routine going and him asleep by 9:30!

photo 2

Exercise: I started going for walks in the neighborhood when Jaxon was 9 days old. The weather has been absolutely perfect. I love my BOB double joggingg stroller (even though there is no jogging happening over here), its amazing. Kids love the fresh air! It’s instant nap time!

Around 3 weeks postpartum I started doing P90X3. It’s great because the workouts are 30 minutes long and I can pop them in whenever I get the chance. I usually get dressed in the AM to workout and sometimes I won’t get to it until 3 or 4pm, but at least I get to it. I am just going at my own pace. If I can’t make a workout one day no problem. I had a little setback at 4 1/2 weeks (because of what I talked about above). I have been back to yoga about 4 times, and that felt amazing. My home away from home. Always grateful anytime I can get on my mat! The first time was humbling but not as bad as I expected. It just felt SO SO SO good! I wasn’t in a rush to exercise again, but it was the ONLY thing giving me energy. And walking outside in the crisp gorgeous weather was so enjoyable. Sadly it is getting pretty cold now, but I had a really good couple of months and can’t complain at all!

Nursing: As I said in my birth story my milk came in while I was still at the hospital. Jaxon reached his birth weight at his first doctor appointment (5 days old), so we never had to go back for another weight check. I am SO curious to see were’s he is at now (we go the end of this month).  He’s already so big, has grown out of newborn stuff (Ella was still in newborn/0-3 at 4-5months my little peanut!) As I said above I think his nursing so often during the day  and so often through the night was great for my supply. The only negative thing we had going on was my strong let down and over supply. Oversupply sounds like a good problem to have, but it was frustrating getting through some nursing sessions. He would get so gassy, I would feel terrible. He would burp 4-6 times per side and pull off every 2 minutes because he was drowning in milk. I tried changing positions a lot, and it helped sometimes, but others it would just take an hour to finally get him calm and in a spot he would nurse. This wasn’t happening all day, mostly at his fussy time around dinner, and in the middle of the day. I found getting him relaxed in a quiet room lying on my side was the best (excess milk would trickle down). Having him on top with me lying back (gravity) helped too but he didn’t like that position as much. If we were out or I was in the living room with TV and Ella and Mike it was impossible. Luckily we seemed to get it under control. Once I started pumping that helped too because I was emptying between sessions so not as much milk being shot down his poor little throat.





Pumping: I started on October 1 and have about 50 ounces of freezer stash for when I go back to work. I was sent the Ameda Purely Yours Breast pump in exchange for a review (they also generously offered to host a giveaway) and let me tell you I am SO GLAD they asked!

Let me tell you a few things about Ameda:

1. Prior to them contacting me, I never heard of them. I was a Medela girl all the way. I haven’t touched my Medela pump since I started pumping in the beginning of this month. It’s safe to say I am an Ameda convert.

2. When I was pregnant, I went on to learn more about Ameda and read the reviews. The pump you use is pretty important. I had read a couple that worried me, saying their pump was efficient, but it took twice as long to get as much milk as you would with Medela. Totally not the case. I mean, if pumping 4 ounces of breast milk ON ONE SIDE in 7 minutes is slow, then I don’t know what to say. I remember pumping sessions being much longer with Ella. At least 15 minutes. Ameda had  taken those reviews and re worked the pump to make it more efficient. I LOVE it!!!!!

3.  Both lactation consultants in the hospital raved about Ameda to me. This was before I used it. I honestly intended on using this as a backup because I believed my Medela was the best. Again, haven’t touched my pump in style. In fact, the lactation consultant told me that Medela were only good for one child/one use because it is an open system and most of them grow mold!!! I never even would have thought of that. Granted I haven’t opened it up to look, but if I were to use it I now would to make sure. Ameda is a closed system, keeping impurities out and you can use it again if you have another child without worrying. It sucks I bought all new tubing and everything for my Medela. It is still sealed so I could sell it back but holding on in case I do need it for backup (if I open it up and it’s clean).

4. You can pick up your FREE (insurance covered) Ameda pump right at the Target pharmacy through your insurance! I was actually going to get a new Medela through my insurance but I have to call and request. With my prescription they wouldn’t just give it to me, I have to go through the whole fight of telling them they have to provide me with one. This was before I used my Ameda to only find out it was so great!

5. No more spilled milk. The pump comes with these convenient cup holders to safely place your milk in once you finish and get yourself situated. My biggest issue going back to work is I have no where to pump between clients. I am in my car. Ameda has a car adapter I plan to buy, and these cup holders make me feel safe because I will probably have to find a good place to park and pump to keep up with my supply when Jaxon is with Mike’s mom or at daycare.



All in all I really can’t say enough great things about this pump. I never would have thought anything was better than Medela because I feel like everyone I know uses it, I used it, but Ameda is great. I HIGHLY recommend looking into getting one through your insurance (If you don’t win the giveaway!)

Enter to win here! Best of luck to you all. This is the best pump ever!



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