Mom’s Chicken Noodle Soup & Cold Remedies

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It’s not often that I get sick, but when I  do, I am a freak. It all starts with that dry, scratchy, burning sensation in my throat. Kind of like how vampires describe  their thirst  when they smell human blood (forgive me, I just saw Breaking Dawn II).

My first stage of sickness is denial. I can’t possibly be getting sick! I take care of myself! I eat my greens! I wash my hands! I wasn’t around anyone who was sick? The second stage is trying to sweat it out and hope for the best. The third stage is take every single freaking home holistic remedy I know and overdose on it.

Are you ready to hear about how neurotic I am?

I simply can not afford to be sue me!

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Make tea:

  • 1 organic traditional medicinals tea bag (throat coat, cold care pm, Echinacea, etc)
  • raw local honey
  • ginger root
  • apple cider vinegar and/or fresh lemon juice

Neti Pot:


Nasal irrigation not only cleans you out, it actually can make you MUCH less miserable. At first I couldn’t get it to “flow.” It was a while (a year?) since I’ve used this, first time this season. After a few times it really gave me some relief of that nasty congestion.

Note: Always use distilled water in your neti pot. I have always used tap but was informed by my little brother that two people died in Louisiana because of amoeba’s infecting their brains. To say I was having a panic attack after using this 3x on Friday and Saturday then hearing this would be an understatement. I am not usually a hypochondriac (like I said, denial)—but that freaked me out. Yes, it’s rare…but better to be safe than sorry!!!

Mega Doses of Probiotics for the entire family:


I took one capsule 3x per day, and Ella 1/4 teaspoon of the infant 2-3x per day as precaution. I don’t even want to jinx it—but –Mike and I were awful, and her, well…so far so good. Fingers crossed it stays that way!

Crap I got in the Whole Foods medicine aisle:


Neti stick was this wonderful aroma stick you shove up your nostril and sniff. I was waiting for a cop to pull me over when I was doing this behind the wheel. It doesn’t look kosher, but it really felt great!

Pulsatilla was those little pill thingys that are cheap, you take 5 of them 3x a day? Tastes like candy. It’s supposed to help your cold. I was desperate, people. I think it worked.



I will note here that  you have to be careful with this stuff. Take it 2x per day at the most—especially if it has the Vitamin D. Those fat soluble vitamins can be dangerous in too large of a dose. One of my clients is a doc and she was telling me about how quite a few people have been in the ER at her hospital from OD-ing on this stuff!

Some other remedies that I have heard about but did not try:

  • Raw garlic 6x a day—I think Michael would divorce me. Even though he was unable to smell.
  • Olive leaf extract and grapeseed extract
  • spicy food
  • zinc (I usually do this one, but didn’t have any)
  • sleep with raw onions cut open…this was supposed to be good for a congested newborn. In reality, I did this when I made soup but I don’t think Mike or Ella would have been amused by me sleeping with them
  • Goldenseal
  • Manitoba honey…too expensive. I had my raw honey. If I didn’t get better they had these manitoba lozenges I was looking into buying haha

What are your cold remedies? Craziest you’ve heard of?


Well, last but not least I had to make a huge pot of Jewish penicillin. This is my mom’s recipe, that I have revised. She’s not Jewish, but  makes a mean chicken soup.

It’s so simple to make, lasts for days, you can freeze it, and it surely will make you feel better & warm your soul!

Moms Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup Gluten Free


E to the Weez goes crazy for it. This was a huge plate, but that girl put it down! And then some. I was shocked but her little tummy. She’s not much of a pasta gal though. I don’t really do much grains, maybe a little here and there but not on the regular. I like to try to add healthy GF grains in with Ella because I feel active, growing toddlers need more than us adults (even though each of us vary in our nutritional needs in general). If we are eating the same thing I will have a little bit too!  I had to sneak it in with her bites of chicken because she’s just not that into it.

Verdict? Two days and I was healthy again. Proof…well..…Pretend you just didn’t look at my delicious soup for a second. Okay. Now then, I do the snot test. I always want my clients to cancel if they are sick, and I do the same. I cancelled my yoga practice session with some fellow TT students, and my bootcamp client in Sunday. By Monday morning, I was luckily feeling MUCH better! A new gal! Still sounded congested, but I was crystal clear in the snot department. Sorry. But if you need to know all my tricks, I won’t hold back. My hot yoga power hour cleansed the last of it and sealed the deal on my cold. Michael on the other hand—he’s not as enthusiastic as I am. He did one Emergen-C per day and soup…the cold lingers….I think he’s a day behind me in recovery. Let’s hope.

Tell me what works for you when you get sick?

Also, tell me I’m not the only kook that goes all psycho by the threat of illness?


Also..check out this awesome home made ginger ale recipe by Maria Emmerich. It’s not loaded with crappy chemicals and GMO sugar either! Definitely worth bookmarking for cold and flu season—and for my pregnant friends Smile

Night Night!,


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