Homemade Whipped Body Butter {DIY}

by laury on June 6, 2013 · 13 comments

Since I discovered that coconut oil was not only amazing for my body when consumed, I haven’t gone back to my Jergens, CVS eye makeup remover and even face soap (<—I do this method mostly with coconut and castor oil)! There are so many uses for it that it’s hard to even believe.

I always keep a jar in my bathroom for my many beauty uses, but I’ve always wanted to try making my own body butter. A less greasy version of my body oil that stays soft (even though the coconut oil in my bathroom usually gets used after I shower so it softens up).

Whipped Body Butter

This was so simple to make, it took ten minutes and it’s only 3 ingredients!


Body Butter Ingredients __

Your skin is your largest organ, so commercial lotions and body butters containing tons of chemicals and shady ingredients are being absorbed just as much if you are ingesting them. If you spend so much time and careful consideration when choosing the freshest, most pure, chemical and pesticide-free foods to put IN your body—why would you want to put that shady stuff ON  your body?

I love castor oil for skincare (great for dark spots, scars and acne to name a few). It’s very thick so it locks in moisture really well. Sometimes when I just use coconut oil I feel that even though it’s so oily, it doesn’t lock the moisture in. I wanted to add some essential oils but they are really expensive for only needing a few drops. The sweet almond oil is just sweet almond and Vitamin E (which is also awesome for skin!), and it only cost $5.99 a bottle. (I found everything at Whole Foods).

This was so easy to make and a little bit of the finished product goes a really long way! You only need about a tablespoon for your whole body!

The process is so simple.

10 minutes in your kitchen aid mixer on the highest setting

Body Butter Whipper

and you end up with this creamy, amazing, rich body butter….

Body Butter Spatula

It looks good enough to eat!

Feel free to add essential oils to it. I would love to add a few drops of lavender or eucalyptus oil, or even chamomile for the calming elements. I have some tea tree oil around so maybe next time I’ll add a few drops of that!

How easy does this seem?!?!  I am so happy I finally tried it!

Here you go…do it, do it!


I just love how pretty it looks.

Whip Body Butter

Wow, 2 blog posts in a week! I am on a roll here!

What’s your favorite DIY beauty product?

I would love to know!

Talk Soon!


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