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by laury on June 17, 2011 · 34 comments


Move of The Week:

Source: Women’s Health Online

With feet shoulder-width apart and legs straight, hold the dumbbells in each hand, palms facing your body. Bend at the waist, letting the dumbbells hang to the floor. Use your hamstrings and glutes to pull your body back to start. As you rise, lift the dumbbells by raising your elbows until they reach your chest. Slide them back down to your waist, and repeat. Do 10 reps.

Quick change: On the upright row, do one arm at a time to isolate the shoulder and triceps muscles, or add heavier weight.

Advanced: Try the Single Leg Deadlift Row!



Obsession of the Week:

Chocolate PB Hemp Softserve

pretty much the same recipe as yesterday with less liquid:

1.5 frozen bananas (frozen in chunks)

1 T Peanut Butter

2 T Nutiva Shelled Hemp Seeds

1 T Chia Seeds

1 Scoop Chocolate Amazing Grass Powder

1 T Sun Warrior Protein (I use a tiny bit bc it’s bleh to me)

Few Splashes of Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk (be careful with this, unless you want a smoothie)


Throw it all in your food processor or Vitamix and blend until it’s like ice cream. In the vitamix, use the agitator and swirl it around as it blends. Enjoy :-)

I had this for breakfast yesterday. I was going to make the smoothie again, but wanted something thicker. I never ever thought I’d be having soft serve for breakfast, but I figured I added the other nutrient elements to it so it was okay 😉



Superfood of the Week:

Shelled Hemp Seeds

5 Benefits

1. They contain about 36.6% (complete) protein, making them the highest source of plant protein out there!

2. It’s more digestible than soy protein

3.It’s the highest plant source of essential fatty acids. Hemp Seed is a direct source of GLA (Gamma-linolenic acid/ Omega-6 fatty acid), Sterodonic Acid and Chlorophyll ( flax seed lacks all 3 of these)

4. Contains all 20 amino acids, including the 9 essential amino acids that our bodies can not produce

5. It’s one of the most nutritionally complete food sources in the world!


*Check out more benefits of this superfood here!





Beauty Pick of the Week:

“Bossa Nova” by Essie

I am ALL about the fushia. In the summer, it can never be bright or pink enough!


^case and point (not bossa nova but it sure is pink!)





Video of the Week:

Okay. This video is not as funny unless you read along with the lyrics. The first time I watched it I had no idea what he was saying then I read along while I watched and it was HILARIOUS! I think my California peeps will appreciate it the best. This is my Whole Foods at lunch time or a Saturday. So perfect.


As Seen on: The Huffington Post:



read along while you watch!

Yo man… Yo I know you see me here dude!! I’ve been waiting here like 10 minutes, man! No, no no… this is MY parking space man. What you need to do is put your little hybrid in reverse, And go out the way you came in. WHAT?!?! Yo its about to get REAL in the Whole Foods parking lot man…

Chorus (with feeling)

It’s getting’ REAL in the Whole Foods Parking Lot
I got my STEEL and you know it gets sparked a lot
Im on my grind homie… It’s on my mind homie!
These fools with clip boards are lookin’ at me like they know me!

It’s getting’ REAL in the Whole Foods Parking Lot
You know the DEAL with the little shopping carts they got
Check out what I say, it happens every day…
It’s how we LIVE on the west side of LA!!

Verse 1

… Im ridin’ slow in my Prius…
all leather, tinted windows… you cant see us!!
Everybody’s trying to park, you can feel the tension
I’m in electric mode… can’t even hear the engine (Shhhhhhh)

Just then I saw a spot open up,
My timings perfect… Im creepin’ up…
But then this other dude tried to steal it going the wrong way
Yo man, I’ve had a LONG DAY!

(same as before)

Verse 2

Now I’m on this inside, looking at my list
Organic chicken, Kale Salad and a Lemon Twist.
Some girl in yoga pants is lookin at me funny
I’m just trying to find a decent Pinot Noir for under twenty!

Then I take it to the cheese counter, Humboldt Fog?
We just ran out sir! Really Dog?
Take it easy man, I try to calm myself…
I’ve been on edge ever since they took Kombucha off the shelf


(same as before)

Verse 3

This Busters on his iPhone talking to his friends,
Picking up some cayenne pepper for his master cleanse.
You’re the most annoying dude I’ve ever SEEN brah…
Could you PLEASE move? You’re RIGHT in front of the Quinoa.

Damn, I’m about to check out.
Pay my 80 bucks for 6 things and get the heck out.
The express lane is moving hella slow…
Man, these fools don’t know… that shit is getting REAL….

(same as before)

My favorite line:

“pay my 80 bucks for 6 things and get out!”

My life^



What are your Friday 5 picks of the week?

Favorite Summer Polish?


Have a GREAT weekend!!!


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